Another drama to watch out for — Personal Taste!

It’s been months since Boys before Flowers ended, and while some of the members have found their projects (Kim Bum is now on his second, after the disastrous Dream) the new drama Personal Taste, is Lee Min-ho’s first outing after his famous turn as Jun-Pyo.

Personal Taste is a story of a snobbish guy who had to pass herself off as a gay guy in order to be accepted as roommate of this girl who swore off men. Lee Min-ho will play the (fake) gay guy opposite Sohn Ye-jin.

Judging from these stills, I expect another character worth falling-in-love with…

I was reading the novel which inspired the drama over at Drama Beans and I can see that this is a very funny story. I am looking forward to seeing this here in the Philippines. Lee Min-ho’s pictures looked funny, I hope he delivers in this drama cos in my opinion, he wasn’t really that good in Boys Before Flowers.

Yeah, he was perfect (visually) as the romantic bully Go Jun-Pyo, and he is one big eye-candy. But no one can deny that he needs to work on expressing his emotions and that compared to Jerry Yan and Jun Matsumoto, his take on Domyouji Tsukasa needs a lot more meat.

Anyway, I am excited for Lee Min-ho and I can’t wait to see him in Personal Taste.

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