Off to “Underland”

I am a simple movie goer and it doesn’t take much to impress me. Give me a good story, a plethora of talented actors and actresses, good costume and set design — and I am a contented and happy movie patron.

from Walt Disney Pictures
from Walt Disney Pictures

Watched “Alice in Wonderland” last night with The Hubby. The movie is simply captures your imagination, then swiftly debunks any of your pre-conceived impressions of “Alice in Wonderland” as a child. Those expecting to see the same interpretation from the book, you will be disappointed. This is a different “Alice” or as they say, “this is Burton’s imaginings of Alice”.

Johnny Depp was amazing, as usual. This man can play any role and get away with it.His portrayal of the Mad Hatter was simply insanely perfect. His presence alone cracked up the audience on the last full showing of the movie at Greenbelt 4. Everything he does is magic and it translates on the screen

from Walt Disney pictures

As I am not a cinema critic and is a paying audience, I will just state my personal comments. I do feel that the White Queen’s character was boring in a way that it doesn’t bring excitement or any reaction at all from the audience. Anne Hathaway seemed to be portraying it while asleep–her White Queen traipses along like a ballerina on crack. She is boring. I was expecting some kind’a edged from here (you know, being the Anne Hathaway)

As for Alice, she looks so white (or is that part of the movie?) I thought I was watching something out of Twilight. I little bit of color would have helped, after all the movie screams color all through out!

But is the movie worth the 180 bucks? Oh, definitely!

Escape reality for a while and go to Underland…now in theaters near you!

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