Pinoy 80s teen movies are the best!

Since I go to work at 11AM, I made it a habit to watching the TV while having my first cup of coffee.
My favorite channel to watch is Channel 56 or Cinema One (over Sky Cable) because they have a habit of showing 80s teen and romance movies around 8 or 9AM.

This morning– “14 Going Steady” was on.
I’ve seen this movie countless times before but I never get tired of watching it. My favorite character was Janice de Belen’s Maita who was considered the teenage queen of the “school”, that is before she fell in love with Almario Panganiban (played by Joe Vincent Aldeguer), a student activist taking up law in the same school where Maita goes (she’s in high school by the way).

Playing Maita’s friends are Nadia Montenegro as Bobby, a tomboyish girl going through puberty; and Gretchen Baretto (before her ST and botox days) as a poor barrio lass who aspired to be the queen bee

This movie, directed by Joey Gosiengfiao, is considered now a classic. Watching it is like a trip down memory lane — with the fashion (tights! leg warmers! head bands! gowns with 10 kilos worth of glitter), the music (“Going Steady”, “Reality”), the catchphrases of Pinoy 80s: gross, “steady” (means boyfriend/girlfriend), jeprox. The scenes might look cheesy today and the execution of scenes a bit outdated but these are the same thing that made this movie worth seeing over and over again.

Other Pinoy teen movies that I like are (of course) the iconic Bagets and its anthem, “Growing Up”. The first “Bagets” gave birth to a sequel and to the careers of some of the best character actors and actresses of today, not to mention it discovered the Philippines’ premier matinee idol, Aga Muhlach.This same movie also gave birth to countless of other teen movies of the same genre and vain during the 80s.

Bagets --- now (with the late Francis Magalona +)

Bagets’ opening intro, from Nostalgia Manila:

One of the scenes that is simply kilig-inducing

Bagets – at school (From Nostalgia Manila)

The movies of today might be slicker in terms of technology and fashion (which is just an offshoot of the 80s really) but the movies of yesteryear seemed to have more “heart”. The talents of yesteryear did not have reality shows to build them up. They relied on pure talent and pure luck.

Sari-saring Sineng Pinoy
Nostalgia Manila

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