Kombini surfing

One of my biggest frustrations in our local convenience stores is the lack of variety on the drinks and the selection of goodies.
While produce sold on convenience stores are more expensive, I am a loyal customer of my neighborhood 711 as I subsist on bottled juices, Nerds and Moni Gold.

So, imagine my delight and utter joy when I discovered this new drink at the local 711.

my new drink of choice: Mogu-mogu in grape (violet) and lychee (peeeenk)

It’s called Mogu-Mogu, a mixture of fruit juice and tiny nata de coco blocks. It’s a fun drink, though I doubt if it’s healthy as there are preservatives included in the ingredients (one of my weird quirks is that I enjoy reading labels on juices and other produce). Anyhoo, I’ve taken to looking for this stuff everywhere. In spite the Japanese name, the product is manufactured in Thailand…so it’s not really from “back home” (hahaha! assuming!)

Hey Mogu-Mogu people, I could be your endorser you know? Hahaha!

Hmmmn…I winder if these are already available in the grocery?

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