A nice Friday night date at Sango! Master Burger

I love eating out with the hubby cos we both love to eat, not to mention Hubby knows how to appreciate good food.
One of our favorite place to hang out, eat and just pass time is Sango! — this Japanese burger place at Rockwell.
Aside from the really nice (and sumptuous) burgers they serve here–what I love about Sango! are the tiny origami littering the restaurant.

Before, I used to ask the friendly wait staff for the origami flowers. This time, there wasn’t much flowers decorating the shop–most were cranes, hearts and this whimsical origami airplane hanging on the ceiling. The shop probably grew tired of making all those pretty flowers cos I was always knicking each time I was there.

nice origami cranes... (squint so you can see...)

Anway, I had the Yakiniku Rice Burger, Master Fries and Honey Dew Soda while the Hubby opted to have crispy Chicken Burger, fries and regular coke.

It was to die for!

Mike's regular coke and my Honey Dew soda
...yep! the green one's my Honey Dew soda...plus Mike's chicken burger and fries
Hubby waits for his order while trying to read his manga
...but the problem is he can't read Kanji...

this piece of heaven….

Sango! Master Fries

…was gone in a few bites!

we were watching Doraemon while eating
...contented as a cat!

I was told that the first Sango! was at Creekside Mall near Makati Square, where the owner (a friendly-looking old Japanese man) can also be seen manning the kitchen. I would love to go visit this place. Since I’ve been planning to visit Little Tokyo for the longest time, might drop by Sango! Creekside one of these days.

What can I say? The best date nights are made of these…

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