Cherie Gil, let me be your slave!

If there’ one Pinoy showbiz celebrity that I have always loved since I was young–that would be Cherie Gil. I remember being seven years old and rooting for her instead of Sharon Cuneta in “Bituing Walang Ningning”

I don’t know–there’s something about this woman that can make you present yourself as her willing slave, or her right hand (wo)man (cue: diabolical laughter here). I imagined that with one look of her steely eyes, I’d probably be reduced to a pile of dust.

This woman has it all: fine breeding, showbiz royalty lineage, the classic elegance and the quiet sophistication. And yet she can easily switch roles: from the scorned woman, the matapobre kontrabida and even the grieving party if needed. I wish young Pinoy actresses will grow old like her.

So, big props to Bayantel for this really funny commercial featuring Cherie Gil and the company’s Lola Techie. By this alone, I am thinking of switching from Globelines to Bayantel.

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