Beyond the “idol B.S.”

I was a big fan of F4 back in the day (was it ten years ago)?
My fave then was Jerry and Vic, the least would be Vaness cos he was damn too annoying for me (his Meteor Garden lines were just annoying — “Yo!”, “Oh hey”) and what’s up with the constant flipping of hair?

Fast forward nine years later, Vaness Wu is my favorite. He is my Spiritual idol and his faith in God became my inspiration.

Here he is during the Festival of God event in Taiwan:

Goes to show that there is substance beyond Idol Life. Vaness is so blessed right now, yet still so humble. He never forgets to thank God for all the blessings that come his way. He is not one to be afraid in professing his beliefs and he never shies away from expounding about the changes he had to go through just to maintain his new life, based on his new beliefs.

In a world where being an idol means flashy, new clothes and guarding a pre-fabricated image, here is an Idol that remains to succeed and remains blessed. He neither credits this to his talent nor his management alone, for Vaness Wu–what he is now he lifts it up to God.

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