Shoe story

Just when there is an unmistakable dearth in the savings account, as well as on the cash flow, goes the unmistakable yearning for new shoes. Over the course of the week, I’ve come across various foot wear that has sparked bouts of envy and lust

I think I needed new shoes–yes, I just bought 3 shoes one after the other in a span of 2 months–but it’s been 2 months and my feet are starting to get bored.

If I have the money now, these are currently on my list:

Converse - limited edition Valentine offering

I love these Converse shoes as I was lusting for similar looking sneakers from Commes de Garcons, during its collaboration with H&M. One of my current obsession is owning ANYTHING CDG, in spite the fact that my bank account is currently taunting me.

from the CDG + HM collection

The following are the other shoes that I like:

wing-tip oxfords, J.Crew

The heartbreak of having first-world sensibilities and subsisting in a third-world paycheck!

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