Jung Hyongwa on “We Got Married” – to like or not to like

…that is the question.
I feel like such a BAD and UNSUPPORTIVE fan.
A good fan supports her “idol” on his undertakings even if some are questionable, or unlikeable. Period.

So why am I so freaking torn about this undertaking?

Jung Hyongwa, my Shinwoo oppa is now on “We Got Married” (the Korean reality show were they pair up idols to show what it would be like if these idols are “married”) For this season, Hyongwa is paired with Seohyun (SNSD)

To SeoHyun’s credit, I have no idea who she is or who SNSD is. You know me about my Korean girl group, my world revolves around 2NE1. I just feel really, really horrible for having to coerce myself to like this coupling. And I feel more horrible for acting like a teenager and getting all protective of Hyongwa. Hahahaha! Bad ajumma!

This makes me wonder — Will 2NE1 get featured on WGM? And if yes, who would they be paired against? I hope it’s not someone who looks lame that my girls look tougher than their “grooms”. Dara, you and Lee Minho would look absolutely perfect.

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