My 2NE1 girls are back!

Had to give it to my cool girls to remain as cool as ever, in spite the long break from the limelight. (2NE1 Detractors: should you say it’s just an image, I don’t care, ok?) I love 2NE1–and with MUCH RESPECT and MUCH LOVE to other Korean girl groups, in my opinion 2NE1 is one of the best and probably the most unique out of the whole bunch.

Listen to their new song here, “Try to Copy Me”

PLUS the girls came up with new pictures to coincide with the launch. Here they are, courtesy of the Korean Entertainment source, POPSEOUL

The pics are fierce…though, I detect a faint of “pa-cuteness”. If you ask me, the girls don’t need to go to the “cute” territory. They’re fierce, pretty and unique. That sets them apart. 2NE1 management, please–for the life of me–please do not make them sweetly cute, okay? We like them being all fierce and cold and stylish! Please do not send them on the fluffy bunnies-cute territory.

I love seeing CL minus those humongous shades
This looks like one of those Benetton ads
Hmmmn...I don't like this pic much--I want the girls with grit and style, not cuteness overload
cute suits Bom well

Resposted from Popseoul!

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