Finally! Press Launch a success!

The reason I was out of circulation for the last few days is due to the press launch of Mosbeau and the introduction of Angel as a our new image model. The preparation was really hectic and was enough to take the life out of anyone. Been going home late for the last five days and what happened today was really, really worth it.

Mosbeau endorser Angel Locsin, together with Mosbeau CEO Mitsuharu Hayashi

What can I say? Can I congratulate myself, PMP Communication and my team mates here at Mosbeau for staging an event that is truly breath taking? Of course, there were little hiccups, but it was barely noticeable. To say the least the press launch was a success. The lifestyle and entertainment media were represented by a diverse mix of industry veterans and lifestyle writers. Our product endorser, the beautiful Angel Locsin, was as gracious and as cool as ever.

Funny story: I was tasked to brief Angel on the product as well as features. Angel–at that time was kept in a private room upstairs the event venue and watching the proceedings from a second floor window. Since I was staying at the first floor (being one of the “punong abala”) I had to literally run from the first floor to the second floor to reach Angel. Her first words when she saw me? “Uy kamusta? You were the one who conducted the interview before diba? My days of not liking a single Pinoy artista is officially over.

Wow, my name is Kamikazee Girl and I am officially a fan of Ms. Angel Locsin. Damn, Angel is really nice. Why can’t be all artistas be like her?

Super dyahe moment because I was really looking harassed (and standing in front of someone who epitomizes the word “beautiful”. Super ngarag ang hitsura ko (shet!). Then she said, “Ok ka lang? Parang harassed ka? Gusto mo tubig?” Then offered me water from the same glass she was drinking. My mind immediately flashed to one of the old manangs who do our maintenance at the office, and is a big fan of Angel. “Manang Iska would kill to be in my position right now. THE Angel Locsin is offering me a drink from her own water. Grabeeeeeeeh!” But sanity prevailed fangirling. My answer, “Ok lang Angel. Kaya pa naman!” (Euuuwwww…hahaha! nataranta!)

Suffice to say, I survived the briefing like my normal corporate self. (Though I was shouting inside: Anoveh! Ang daming photographer dito! Wala man lang mapadaan dito to take my picture with Angel) Whew! The things we have to go through just for the sake of acting like our normal corporate girl who should brief the endorser PROFESSIONALLY, okay? Professionally!

The event went as planned: the presentation was a bit dragging but hey–kailan ba naging action-packed ang corporate presentation? Angel was introduced by Christian Bautista while singing “Beautiful Girl”. Then she addressed the crowd with, “Welcome po sa debut ko!” (laughter). She was referring to her grand entrance courtesy of the winding staircase and as escorted by PMP honco Paul Chuapoco, she was also referring to her four layer cake and the big bouquet of flowers which Christian presented to her. Suffice to say, the witty remark set the tone for a fun and carefree open forum.

I love how Angel was smiling here...she looks so pretty and relaxed

The Q&A was a freaking hoot! It was a nice mixture of corporate and entertainment questions not only for Angel but for also the senior Mosbeau executives. The funniest question–bar none? One of the entertainment writers asked: “Magiging kasing-ganda ba kami ni Angel if we take the product forever!” Angel was laughing for almost two minutes! (NEW FAN SPEAKING: Can anyone be prettier THAN the Angel Locsin? I DON’T THINK SO! hahaha–spoken like a true fan!) (Hi Angel fans! Will try to recall the questions for Angel okay? Unfortunately, my mind is too fried up with stress right now. Can’t even recall what I had for dessert). Uhm, she was asked about her previous whitening endorsement, about her stressful lifestyle (and how Mosbeau helps her retain her beautiful glow) and about the “change in management” (FYI: she answered politely that she is not yet in the position to expound on the issue).

Our pretty endorser

Angel stayed on for close to 30 minutes, patiently smiling for about ten million pictures taken with about ten million new fans (from the senior executives down to the hired photographers EVERYONE wanted a picture with her. No reklamo, no arte ever. Just enviable patience and a ready smile for anyone who would say “Angel, pwede pa-picture?” FULL DISCLOSURE: Guilty as charged. Isa ako sa mga pumila! Hehey! When she saw me, she said, “Okay ka na?” OMG, Angel why are you so freakkkkkin’ nice!?! You’re so down-to-earth. BEAUTY and GOOD HEART…can anyone even ask for more?

The venue had close to 200 people…is it safe to say that today, Angel Locsin has won two hundred new fans?

2 Replies to “Finally! Press Launch a success!”

  1. hi! thanks for sharing your close encounter with angel locsin, so love it. you’re right, lots of angels would love to be in your shoes earlier today. a personal kind attention from angel herself!

    hope to see pics of the press launch soon. is it okay to share your encounter with angel in other blogs and forums? with proper credit of course 🙂

    1. Hi Nicky!

      I’ll try to post pics of the launch as soon as I can. Grabe! Am now officially an Angel fan. She is so down-to-earth.And beautiful, of course!

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