A double whammy with Manny P. and Steven S.

Here’s the movie of the decade!
Anakngkamote! Steven Seagal wants to do a movie with Manny Pacquiao!
The movie that will beat “Avatar”, “The Blind Side”…hell even “Titanic” is about to be born

In a story published by Spot PH, Seagal was quoted saying, that he was hoping to do “something in the Philippines based on some kind of heroic true story”.

What would that be, Steven? Anak ni Kumander Kungfu (part 2)?

My dad would probably kill me for putting this post up, him being a lifelong fan of the Steven Seagal School of Action Movies (a tough but sensitive main character, a fight against all odds and a leading lady with the knack for wearing the shortest clothes during fight and escape scenes). I mean, Stevie, you had “Machete” and “Born to Raise Hell” coming up this 2010…what’s the deal with teaming up with Wapakman?

Did you know that in all the movies produced and starred by the great Manny Pacquiao, NOT ONE made a dent in the box office records? NOT ONE!

Lest I be threatened with utmost bodily harm by slighted Manny Pacquiao fans, let me state that I am talking about Manny Pacquiao the movie actor/startlet, not Manny Pacquiao, the boxing legend and multi-awarded athlete. Between the two, my vote and respect goes to Manny Pacquiao, the legendary boxing hero. My only wish is that I hope this Manny starts showing up more often and not his showbiz alter-ego.

Anyway, let’s wait and see if this movie gets made and if the plans between Seagal and Pacquiao will push through.

Popskie, if this gets made–I promise you opening night tickets! We’re watching, am bringing one banig of Biogesic.


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