I want some Ear Candy!

After so many years of (mis)use, my trusty iPod earphones are down to its few remaining months. The poor thing is already screaming for a replacement: the wire’s all frayed and dirty; the protective covering for the ear has fallen off the thing and it doesn’t look presentable at all. That’s why I don’t let anyone borrow my iPod since I don’t want to risk offending people with how pathetic my earphones are.

I’ve done everything that I could–clean them with cotton and alcohol, have a protective case for the iPod–to no avail. In short: I really need to buy new earphones. The search started while in HMV in Hong Kong but I didn’t liked anything and ended buying one for the baby brother instead. In Manila, I’ve looked at Skull Candy and found them to big for my taste. I wanted an earphone that is small yet eye-catching, packs a mean punch and looks kawaii.

Today, while surfing The Cool Hunter, I finally found the earphones that I’ve been looking for: I want some Kotoris

this has my name written on it

As usual, these are available from Japan and can be ordered online (our Japanese friends really has the digs on all things cute). My headphone of choice is Y3600 or about PHP1,800 (not including shipping).

Oh damn, now I really want one of these. Are these babies available locally? Please–can someone tell me!

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