Anderson Cooper is gay?!? My heart breaks into 2 million pieces

Is this for real?
So, there I was happily surfing Perez Hilton for the latest US showbiz chismis (Jersey Shore, wtf? Nice, Anne Hathaway! Wow! ang cute ni Channing Tatum kahit ang taba nya) when something caught my eye: “Anderson Cooper maybe adopting Haitian baby with boyfriend…”

Boyfriend?!? Boyfriend? Shouldn’t it be girl…..friend?
It was too much for my brain to process when reality dawned on me, Wtf?!?Anderson Cooper, number 5 on my list of crushes, is gay?!?

While I do not mind that Anderson is gay as his sexual orientation is not anybody’s business but his and his alone, I do feel my heart breaking into two million little pieces (para namang may pag-asa) as I type this. I’ve always thought that Anderson is a quintessential man’s man — he is intelligent, witty, good looking, blessed with good breeding and lineage that anyone can be proud of. Him being gay is a facet of who he is and as a rabid fan, this made me respect Anderson more.

i love you, AC!

Recent reports at Perez Hilton states that he will be adopting a Haitian baby with his rumored boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani (the two were reported to be on a date in Jaipur way back in October 2009). Since, Anderson is known to be very protective of his privacy, I think people (press and fans alike) should respect him for that.

This recent revelation (no thanks to you, Perez Hilton) means nothing to me. I will still watch AC 360 religiously and will continue to bask on that annoying sexiness projected in full color on screen. His recent commendable action and performance while reporting in Haiti further added to the sexiness and charm.

The next time I’m watching AC360–I’ll be crying cos of heartbreak, Anderson.

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