Wow! You’re so damn gwapo, you make me sick

I know someone who had the annoying habit of loudly announcing his preference on women. During our gimmicks, he would nonchalantly point out to women on the streets and proclaim if they’re “beautiful”, “cute”, “Sexy” or “pwede na” (tagalog for “it will do”). He speaks with authority regarding the women he supposedly “bedded” and why this or that girl won’t cut it with him. To his mind, he was a f*cking sex God. To me, he was an annoying, overeager bastard who OD’d on “self-confidence”. Sitting next to him was like pulling teeth. During our rare drinking sessions, I am tempted to shove a San Miguel Light bottle down his throat, or if possible–his freaking ass.

It was that much of a pain existing next to him.

I don’t know if it’s because of his inflated ego or if he really thinks he’s that handsome and that he can get anyone he wants. As reference, his taste in women runs the usual “sexy, slutty type” thus he has this tendency to bad-mouth women who doesn’t speak in a lilting voice; dresses like as if its the height of fabric shortage or cake their faces with ten layers of foundation.

I used to think that he was one-of-a-kind and that he really is delusional. But apparently–as study conducted a by Nicholas Epley and Erin Whitchurch suggest that most people unconsciously overinflate their own physical appearance. In a well-controlled series of experiments published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Epley and Whitchurch took photos of undergraduate students with a neutral facial expression, invited these same students back to the laboratory two to four weeks later, and asked them to identify their actual face out of eleven possible images. But here’s the really clever part. These other images were in fact the actual face morphed to varying degrees with either an extremely attractive gender-matched or unattractive faces.

The results show that participants were more likely to choose a more attractive morphed face as being their actual face than their non-morphed actual face*

I wish my friend is suffering from this condition, at least there’s an acceptable and scientific explanation on his delusions on the possibility of him bedding any person who caught his fancy. Cos if he’s normal, this goes to show that he’s just another pompous, egotistical jerk who (lamely) passes himself as God’s gift to womankind.

I remember back in college, our bitchy classmates has a term for this: “feeling gwapo, looking gago!”

* “Think you’re Good-looking? Think Again!” by Jesse Bering, published at Scientific American

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