Yesterday was one of the happpiest moments of my life.
As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to be responsible when it comes to finances and I took the first step yesterday by opening an account with RCBC

I’ve been trying to open my own account for ages and nothing prospered. I keep withdrawing money more than I care to put in. It is only recently that I get to realize how pathetic I am — 30, married, with a good job and WITHOUT a savings account.

Yesterday, I was seized by this URGENT need to open my account. I brought my documents, bummed 500pesos from a friend (I was 500 short for the maintaining balance) and pleaded my way to the boss to let me out for lunch before 3PM so that I can open an account.

Till now, I am still giddy and thankful. I have a goal to save for this year and it’s still a long way–but hey, I’m starting.

I know this might not be an achievement for others. But this means a lot to me.

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