The Force is within you: Star Wars x Adidas

Hwoaaaaaaah! Is this already available in the Philippines?

...look at the soles!

The much-hyped and recently-released Star Wars x Adidas Limited Edition sneakers is enough to blow away the mind of any Darth Vader-lovin’ geek (and fashionistas). Since I haven’t heard yet if this is already available in the Philippines, I have to content myself looking at the Tokyo Fashion site and curse (in envy!) our Japanese friends for having instant access to all the cool things in life. Why? Why?

TokyoFashion have posted pictures of the promotional posters all over Harajuku put up by well-known sneaker shop Atmos. Even the promotional boards are freaking sick! If I was in Harajuku, I’d pry those boards from the walls and put ’em in my living room wall.

Oh, I curse myself for not being in Japan and not having access to these sick sneaks! (that is, if there’s still available pairs out there. The law of supply and demand was completely loopsided, TokyoFashion reports).

I don’t know about you, but the Darth Vader design is more like my style:

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