The lure of Taipei

I’ve read a nice blog describing how Taipei was a better (and cheaper) tourist destination compared to Singapore. As the blog owner and the writer was a Singaporean, I definitely took notice.

People, who’ve been to Taipei–is this true?

The Call of the 101 is too stronng

I was told that one needs a visa to go to Taipei, is it hard getting it…especially in my case who travels every end of November but does her booking as early as May.

I am torn. Should I go to Taipei or Singapore?

What do you think?

4 Replies to “The lure of Taipei”

  1. Dear Kamikazee Girl,

    I live in Taipei, and I’ve traveled to Singapore few years ago. Both places are good for traveling. Some things are cheaper here in Taipei, and some are cheaper in SG. But if you come to Taipei, there are other beautiful cities in Taiwan you can visit. I don’t think it’s hard to get Taiwan VISA. If you want to know anything about Taiwan or Taipei, feel free asking me. Have a good day~!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.
      I’ve always wanted to go there as I’ve read so much good things about your country.
      Hopefully getting a visa is not as hard.
      I’ll let you know what happens.

      Reading ur comments made me excited again on the possibility of seeing Taipei.
      Have a good day and THANK YOU!

  2. It’s true that Taipei has inexpensive street vendors and the restaurants are simply divine. I can tell you from my experience that it’s worth the trip. I can’t stress enough with the shopping = paradise. I agree with the person above me, there are other beautiful cities in Taiwan.

    Many of my Singaporean friends simply love Taiwan.

    1. thank you for feeding my desire to visit taipei…maybe ill give it a try next year
      truth is, i am dreading the visa application in my country…but i know i have to do this or else, taipei will remain a dream for me 🙂

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