Eating my veggies…

When I was growing up, no amount of torture can make me eat my veggies. My parents have tried everything: from bribing me with new books to threatening me that the bumbay will get me if I don’t eat my kalabasa. Short of threatening that they will give me up for adoption, my parents tried all possible means only to fail and raise a sickly kid whose more known for being lampa and down right clumsy.

But now that I am older and have noticed my weight gain and the fact that I easily get sick, I started eating veggies and giving up meat. My last red meat was on New Year’s eve courtesy of my sister-in-law’s amazing porterhouse steak. It’s been 3 weeks and I have yet to pick up a piece of meat.

While I have come to appreciate the taste of tomatoes, broccoli, beans, legumes, etc, etc, I will be lying if I don’t admit that eating veggies and fish everyday has come to be very difficult for me. Maybe the problem with serving veggies is that they are not as appealing as other viands, like a smoking fried chicken or sinigang, or bulalo. It is not surprising when kids refer to veggies as “boring”

I wonder what kids (and hard to please adults) will think on these veggie renditions done by Chinese Designer Daizi Zheng.

When Bugs Bunny tried smoking
Love ko 'to!
blueberry pill

From the Billionaire Boys Club.

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