Can we just ignore her? Please lang…

Did you watch The Buzz?
Well, aside from Kris’ intelligent disclosure of her marital woes (more on this later if I am in the mood), another issue, which in my opinion–played out long enough, was the never-ending issue of Krista Ranillo and her supposed involvement with Manny Pacquiao.

Sorry Krista fans, if you are reading this, but she’s all BS. And the way she talks? “No naman…” “Ah well, you know…” “I’m so sawa na…I’m so sawa

Valley girl, much?

Here’s something to annoy you and ruin you day:

Truth be told, in her interviews, she acts and sounds like she believes she didn’t do anything wrong and that she doesn’t really care what we think. Anywaaaaaay, why are we still paying attention to her? Can we just ignore her? Cos I have a feeling that the more the local media (*ehem* ABS-CBN *ehem*) pays attention to her and her endless pa-mysterious effect, the more we’d hear about this. Sayang ang airtime!

I love you, ABS-CBN and you are the only local channel I watch, but why is Krista all over your programming again?

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