Bits and pieces of the ‘Shoot

Here are some of the pics from the very fun photo shoot with Angel.
In the interest of not preempting the campaign, I will not be posting Angel’s pics and her poses.
Just bits and pieces, showing how we really had a hell of a good time working with Gel and her team.

can you guess where's Angel?
It's almost 12 midnight, but we don't mind!
Angel discusses poses with the company president
Angel with Mosbeau's creative team

The rest of the pics will be unveiled during the campaign!

3 Replies to “Bits and pieces of the ‘Shoot”

    1. Hi Nicky.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      It’s really what it is–working with Angel was a pleasure.

      I’m sorry I can’t release Angel’s photos yet so as not to preempt the marketing campaign. We are scheduling the press launch by February. By then, it will be alright to post her pics. I hope you guys understand. I might get in trouble if I preempt the Ad campaign.

      I assure you I’ll post her pics here as soon as it’s ok.


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