Why do we have to be so showbiz about everything?

Why are we Pinoys so showbiz about everything?

Take the case of CNN Hero of the Year, Efren Penaflorida. When he was first thrust into nationwide consciousness, he was lauded for being chosen Hero of the Year for 2009 by CNN and for his commendable advocacy to bringing education to the indigent and the poor. His group, Dynamic Teen’s Company and their Kariton Klasrum was a symbol of bringing change and inspiration to the destitute.

But then word got around that he is courting Emmy-nominated actress Angel Locsin, and all that is ever attached to his name is his desire to court the young actress.

And now there’s talk about his supposed love letter to Angel…and entertainment shows feast on this recent development.

Naman, Kuya Efren…you are the Hero of the Year, please do not allow all this ka-cheapan to weaken your advocacy. Would you want us to speak about your advocacy or do you want us to feast on the gory details of your love life. Do not share details to the press. Keep it to yourself. It’s that important.

Not to question your intention, but if should you pursue Angel, please do it in secrecy. Do not share the gory details to the whole entertainment world. Also accord Angel the respect that is worthy of her. She has a good head on her shoulders. She will not speak ill of you nor share important details of the supposed “courtship” to the press. She is an intelligent, level-headed girl who does not need to ride on annoying press releases just to put her name in the papers.

I know it’s hard, right? Angel and you being public properties. But do bear in mind that your advocacy should be the one that’s in the papers, not the sordid details of your love life.

I know you are intelligent and that you have a good heart. Please do not be gullible, huwag magpadala sa ka-showbizan. I know you have lots more to help and lots more children to teach.

That should be your legacy.

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