that’s entertainment!

I always have an aversion for anything and everything that has to do with Pinoy showbiz. More often than not, the artistas of today’s generation were product of hype and of good ol’ PR. A far cry from the stars of yester years like Gloria Romero, Bella Flores, Eddie Garcia, Rosa Rosal and the late Nida Blanca, who were known for their TALENT and their professionalism, the young stars of today get by the hype built by their own mother studios and by the press releases churned by their own publicists.

Thus even if friends accuse me of acute colonial mentality, I will not hesitate to claim that I know nothing about these artistas, except Ate Shawie and Juday, whom I absolutely adore. My stint as a showbiz writer way back didn’t help boost my impression with these so-called starlets littering the entertainment industry.

I hated the brainless drivel usually passed on as movie, the best example being any Manny Pacquiao movie ever churned out (“Anak ni Kumander”, “Wapakman”…wtf?!?). The problem with Pinoy movies is that if its comedy, it churns out tried and tested antics that would make the stupid laugh–as if someone’s disability or if someone tripped or falls flat in his face IS funny, or the usual knock-knock jokes I heard since Nursery school. If it’s an action flick, Pinoys are guaranteed the presence of any of the following: leather jackets, a protagonist that refused to die, and a leading lady usually clothed in flimsy clothing while running away from the goons.

My views of today’s celebrity altered a bit when I encountered actress Angel Locsin during her photo shoot as my company’s new endorser. I was prepared to see the side of her that is not seen on celluloid–the charity, the kindness and the cool demeanor– is it really for real or part of the package?

And I was pleasantly surprised to know that nothing was part of an act. Angel Locsin, the Emmy-nominated actress is as warm, as friendly and as cool in real life as she is in reel life.

a cool girl, indeed!

Unlike other people who claimed to know everything (more on this later), I am quick to admit if I am wrong. Angel should be the poster girl of today’s breed of talented young actresses. As I am a newbie in the field of advertising photo shoots, I was simply amazed on the length it takes to get that perfect shot. For example, our campaign calls for five sittings or five frames. For each frame, it took Angel, her make-up artist, her stylist, her hair person gazillions of shot to get THAT shot which will be used for the campaign. So, amidst the flashing lights and the directions from the talented Francis Abraham, Angel will pout, move her body to the side, raise up her arms, smile, and project amidst the blinding flashes.

Sometime in the midst of shooting the second sitting, the studio resembled MRT on rush hour after a lot of people came to visit. Other famous actresses might freeze on the sight of the mob looking on in her pictorial or would probably demand that everyone get out…but not Angel. She gamely said hi, shook hands and rocked the camera.

If I probably sound like a fan, then forgive me. It’s hard seeing a Pinoy celebrity from Angel’s generation with the same level of professionalism and humility like her. The fact that she carried boxes of Krispy Kreme to the shoot, and literally offered it (as in while draped in her costume and shod in tsinelas) to everyone who was there only sweetens the deal further.

6 Replies to “that’s entertainment!”

    1. Hi Ivy!
      Angel is really impressive. For once, I really liked a Pinoy celebriy.
      It’s not even her beauty that impresses me–THOUGH she is really beautiful.

      It’s her demeanor, professionalism and her treatment of people around her. More celebrities should be like her. No pretentions, walang kaartehan…

      Thank you for reading and liking my blog

  1. Very nice article about Angel, well we all have our own taste in terms of those people we would like to look upon. And yes I’m an Angel fan here in Baguio. I’m looking forward to see the product of the photo shoot…

    thanks !
    God Bless

    1. Thanks!
      She really is impressive.
      Siguro it’s because she’s not pretentious. And she doesn’t have airs of someone who KNOWS she is famous.

      Thanks for dropping by…

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing a bit of the bts photo shoot. Looking forward for more after the press launch. I heard Steff has to wait for it before blogging. I referred to your site peepz from my blog who are interested about what happened during the shoot, and I mentioned your site in my tweet too, hope you did not mind 🙂

    Angel truly lives up to her name, so glad you like her too 🙂

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