In search for the job of my dreams

How do you know if you’ve found not just a job, but a career?
In the first place, how do you differentiate if you have a “job” or if you have a “career”
And given the chance, which would you prefer?

I am 30 years old and sadly, I know that I still haven’t found the job that I can call as my “calling”
I started working as a writer and for three years, I enjoyed crafting stories and finding my name and my thoughts and ideas published. That time, I thought it was something that I’d like to do for the rest of my life– in spite the fact that the pay is low. It’s not even the freebies or the feeling of slinging a media ID around your neck…it’s writing and creating stories and seeing your name on print. It’s that.

Sadly, I lost the idealism I had after University. I went into PR and found it to be more challenging, more exciting and definitely more financially rewarding. Though the hours are longer, especially if there are events, working for PR and Corporate Communications allowed me to use and take advantage of all my interests and hobbies. I’ve always been someone who loved writing, meeting people and hurdling challenges–being with PR made me do all the things that I loved while earning good money.

Honestly, I thought I was destined for a career in Corporate Communications. In my previous company, I enjoyed a good reputation among bosses. I was well-known and got along well with other people. I was groomed to be the “next one” — that is until the mess I had with the boss and all of my dreams and possible opportunities went down the drain while I silently watched. In the blink of an eye, I went back to being “nothing”.

It’s been three months now since that happened. I kept on telling myself that it is for the best. That no amount of prestige, power or money can replace your sanity and well-being. I needed a breather for myself. I needed to stop chasing that dream.

I am now employed as a Copywriter–a field I desperately wanted to crack, and a skill that I want to pursue. Early on, I knew that stringing together bits and pieces of words for an essay, a short story or for news; is a million light years away from copy writing. Me–the one who had words coming out of her ass–must now convey a story, convey the message in a few words, while catching the attention of the intended market. I knew it was never easy. I knew. But I had to fucking try.

It’s been three months now and I felt like I got the short end of the stick. I tell myself that I am fine…for once, I am earning good money without even using half of my brain. After all, who wouldn’t want premium moolah , minus the hard work. I was paid good money for doing stuff I could do in my sleep. Yeah, I am fine…

Deep inside I know I am just kidding myself.

They say that the best job in the world is doing something you wouldn’t mind doing for free. In short, do what you love. But how many of us are that lucky? Maybe, only a few…especially if you are Ben Southall, the dude who won Queensland’s “Best Job in the World” six months ago.

But we are not Ben Southall. And even Ben Southall had to say goodbye to feeding the fishes, guarding miles of white sand and taking care of the whales at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Now, with his contract up, Ben Southall is returning to his normal life.

Deep inside, I knew that at least Ben had a chance to do what we he really wanted in life. I knew I’d do it in a heart beat.

What’s wrong with the world, anyway? Here’s someone *ehem* Me *ehem* who’ not asking for too much pay. Just enough to save money for my family and for my yearly travels; someone who wouldn’t mind spending Saturdays or overtimes at work doing something she loves; I don’t mind traveling or attending long winding meetings where everyone has something to say; I don’t mind wearing uniforms.

I am good with what I do. Please hire me.

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