The best revenge to a philandering husband? Be breathtakingly beautiful!

I am never a big fan of Manny Pacquiao or his mom or his kids (who all look like him) or his wife, Jinkee. To me, Pacquaio is an amazing boxer who put Philippines on the map, a suspected philanderer on the same vein as Tiger Woods, while his mom has exhausted her 15 minutes of fame on Philippine showbiz.

Why do we keep on tolerating people like Aling Dionisia who isn’t really funny? Look at the state of Philippine movies! Alang mga ka-enta enta Thank God for indies or the local movie industry is going to the dogs.

Anyway, I was surfing Style Bible.PH when I chanced upon this picture of Jinkee Pacquiao. For the first time, I took notice. She’s really beautiful in this pic!

Jinkee gets gorgeous!

No wonder Team Jinkee remains steadfast in supporting this woman. Sali na din ako sa Team Jinkee!

I wonder if she already heard of the rumor that the other woman is now pregnant, courtesy of her very own husband. My heart bleeds for Jinkee–she was there from the start, when Manny was still a struggling boxer and was unknown to the world. Now that he is filthy….errrrr…filthy rich, every girl is flinging their bodies in his direction, in the hopes of getting a share of the cash and the millions. Naman, instant yaman ka na nun!

To think that Jinkee came from a middle class family, well-educated in Gen San when she fell in love with this struggling boxer. And even now that Manny is rich, Jinkee wisely invested his money in many businesses in Gen San.

Hay naku, Jinkee! If I were you, do an Elin Nordegren and leave that husband of yours. He doesn’t deserve your kindness and loyalty to family. Take the kids and more than half of his money. Tignan natin if he still finds happiness with his girls.

I hope the excuse is not, “I’m staying because of the kids” cos your kids will hurt more if they always see your husband making a fool out of you. If its true that he cheated on you NOW, what makes you think that he won’t cheat on you when you were older? Or if he was elected in office?

Hmmmmn…the PR person in me thinks that the reason you chose to stay is because he’s running for a position in Sarangani, and leaving him now will cost you votes.

For the meantime, shop to your heart’s content! You’re so beautiful with this new look. Make that hubby drool with desire each time he sees you, then do not give him some! Haha!

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