You’re DEFINITELY Beautiful

I spent my New Year holidays drooling after boys barely out of puberty.
Especially this one:

I was watching “You Are Beautiful”– a Korean drama, written by the Hong Sisters, writer geniuses which also penned My Girl among other tear jerkers.

The story of “You are Beautiful” is almost similar to Hana Kimi, the JDorama where a girl disguises herself as a boy. Here’s a short plot summary: Go Mi Nyu (Gemma) was asked by a manager of her twin brother who is a budding idol to pretend that she is her brother cos her brother, Go Mi Nam was in the states to fix a botched facial surgery. So, Go Mi Nyu as Go Mi Nam entered A.N.Jell the leading idol group as the fourth member. A.N. Jell is composed of Hwang Tae Kyung (Jan Geung Seuk) — the leader who is allergic to almost everything and whose facial expression varies between smirk and sneer; Kang Shi Woo (my oppa Jeong Yong Hwa), the soulful, silent guitar player who serves as Go Mi Nam’s constant “savior” and blonde-haired, adorable Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki of FT Island). Out of this will rise the complications and various kilig moments of the story.

Here’ a review of the drama from a non-critic: it has the requisite kilig moments to make you want to be still in your puberty, the pretty guys and the good acting that is sometimes missing on some K-dramas *cough* BOF *cough* . Jan Geung Seuk and Park Shin Ye, as well as Lee Hong Ki and Jeong Yong Hwa were able to deliver rateable characters. Though of course, you’d ask why these guys just can’t get that Go Mi Nam is a girl…though she looks a bit like Lee Jun Ki, you know–a bit androgynous.

My favorite of course, without a doubt is the Guy who doesn’t get the girl, its Kang Shin Woo and his sad looking eyes and his panty-busting one liners. There’s just something with the “third party” that makes your heart bleed and makes you want to say: “forget about her, I’m here” (hehehe). It’s a fate being suffered by the nice guys who always gives way for the girl he loves.

This drama made me do tons of research on Jeong Yong Hwa who plays Shin Woo. Thanks to this drama, I discovered CN Blue (Yong Hwa’s indie band based in Japan).

I’ll be posting more on CN Blue on the next post jut because the band deserves its own post.

Anyway, heard from the Unnichan (aka The Queen of All Cats) that ABSCBN gained rights to show this in the Philippines. Hopefully, the dubbing is good and they don’t cut scenes. This drama deserves to be on heavy rotation on your tube, especially during times when you heart is breaking and you think the world is unfair.

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