if resolutions could be written in stone, i would…

Whoa! In a blink of an eye, it’s 2010 already.
I ended 2009 the same way I started it.
Dripping in drama.

I went postal five hours prior to the year’s posting due to some family drama I had with the Hubby. As mentioned on my earlier post, I had the most amazing, kindest husband in the world–who understands me like no other. But sometimes, I guess, he had to speak more forcefully so that I will shut my mouth, stop my whining and listen more to him. Anyway, the drama was given its reasonable (and long overdue) resolution and I finally stopped crying like a cow, said my “peace” and “i love yous” to the poor husband and went on with the new year celebration.

I welcomed 2010 at my in-laws’ house. Sis-in-law cooked porterhouse steak that made my mouth water and was truly the apt farewell dinner for the outgoing year. By 2 in the morning, we went back to my parent’s house to celebrate the early hours of 2010 and just because I missed celebrating the new year with them.

Finally, after all the fireworks, smog and ka-dramahan has cleared, I had a few minutes to myself to think about what I would change for 2010.

I know, I long gave up on the New Year’s Resolution thingy, but I kinda realized not having something to live on to, to look forward to, something that will challenge myself.

So, here it is:

1. Be less annoying to my husband. To listen more to him. To understand him more. To be less negative and more positive. To believe. To be niiiiiice even for just a bit. I will lessen the yelling, the drama and all the attitude. To smile more when it comes to the hassles of married life.

2. Bring back the passion that I used to have with work. For the longest time, I was crazy shitty passionate with work, especially from my last company. But having to work for a miserable hag who zaps the life and passion of her staff took a toll on my health and I lost all the passion for work, until I had to leave the company I love and look for another one that will not kill me.

3. Eat veggies and fore go the meat. I used to be slender. I used not to have too much weight on my mid section and not have trouble looking for pants due to my big ass. But the stress and the lack of exercise kinda took a toll on my body and now I am 15 pounds overweight (I think). The decision to turn vegetarian doesn’t have anything to do on the endless teasing I had to go through from stupid morons (my least favorite question: bakit ang taba mo ngayon? cos it’s just f*ckin rude). this is more about my health. i know that someday, i will need to bring mini-me’s into this world and that will be difficult if I have extra poundage. So far, I am a bit successful in my first two days. I know that it’s not very easy to forego meat entirely, so I’m working on eating only white meat and less of the red (pork and beef), and more fruits and veggies if I can help it.

4. Explore other means of revenue. The Hubby and I had to make a decision in a few days that can help our future, and this involves having one of us go back to school for a course that is more ideal for overseas job. This will mean that we need extra income and one has to work hard for it.

5. Less is more. Stop pining for things I do not need.

6. Travel more. Early on, I’ve decided that traveling is my only vice. So, on my list for 2010 is Singapore with the Hubby and maybe another one (BKK?) with the sister. This remains to be seen, of course.

7. Be less of a potty mouth. Not only it is awkward for someone my age to speak like a sailor, but it’s not good for the ears.

8. Improve my relationship with the in-Laws. They’ve been very good to me and the best that I can do is be more present in their life.

9. Improve my relationship with God. He has been good to me for the rest of 2009, even if that year really killed me to pieces. My faith in God was the only thing that kept me sane and alive. It’s only fitting that I repay him for his kindness.

10. Be a better person. Lord, I really want to a better person. I really wish I could. Please, please po…

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