How can you miss me, if you won’t let me go?

There’s one thing that’s been bugging me for a few days now.
Trawling through Facebook and just via email and seeing all these people leaving the country to work and migrate on foreign shores. And I’ve been thinking for sometime now if it’s still right for me (and Mike) to stay here.

Unlike some people who have parents who can “petition” us abroad, Mike and I will have to wing it on our own, should we decided to leave the Philippines behind. As you know, I am quite disillusioned that I was a Japanese school girl in my previous life and thus, I belong in my mother country which is Japan. Mike has been kind enough to humor me for a few months after we got married, but now that we’ve reached our 1 year mark, he quite adamantly announced that should we be leaving good ol’ P.I. behind, it will either be for Australia, Canada or New Zealand….Singapore comes as the fourth choice, while Japan comes in fifth.

This should have been easy–if only my surname and that of my husband’s is Lopez, Arroyo or Ayala…but unfortunately, our surnames are nowhere near the Philippines’ 500 richest families. For us to uproot ourselves, we must do it on our own.

The best and easiest solution is to consult a migration lawyer who will be able to send me and the hubby packing to another country. But this needs a lot of money. We were quite sure we will need at least half a million pesos just to start the process, but where in God’s hand are we getting the money? Barring our luck in lotto, this is quite hard and impossible to do.

Or we could find work in any of these countries. But with our background, me as a Public Relations and Corporate Communications executive and Mike as a call center worker–I doubt there’s any available jobs in these countries that is the right fit for us. For quite sometime now, I am seriously considering enrolling in TESDA for their welding course, cos I’ve heard how there’s a big dent in welders in NZ, but…can you imagine maarte and clumsy me being a welder. I’d probably burn myself to death.

In spite these important set backs, I really do want to leave the Philippines behind. Yeah, you might say, “so what happens now, Ms. Patriotic who wears Team Manila shirts?” But for me, this is a decision that I am doing not for myself but for my future kids.

It really scares me, on raising a kid on Manila streets and with the kind of leaders we elect in our government. I always tell the Hubby that the Philippines is not the best place to raise kids. Imagine if your son or your daughter wants to be a marine biologist or an astronaut? If ever he gets in Ateneo or in UP Diliman, what about work then, huh? I

I want to raise my children in a country which gives them equal opportunities…the chance to go reach the moon and even the deepest depths of the ocean, if they are willing and if they can.

I want to raise my children in a country where elected government leaders do not steal from the public coffers and deny it flatly and without even flinching on live TV.

I want to earn a living for myself in a country that will take care of me and my aging parents when it’s time for them to migrate and join me in my country of choosing.

It’s just sad sometimes when everything work against you–with no finances, no possibilities nor offers in sight.

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