Who works on the 26th?

Well, apparently that will be me and my officemates
It’s a drag trying to work and plot survey results when the rest of the world is on chill-out mode today. A lot of people were just chillin’ out on their desk. I mean, what do you do when the rest of the nation is on Holiday mode except you?

I was tempted this morning to skip work and come up with a measly excuse. But being new in the company and having no leave benefits will make even the most chill person show up for work–well, in my case at least.

I don’t exactly have the luxury of being financial sound this year and with a lot of stuff coming up in 2010 (overseas trips, things I wanna buy, savings plan, etc, etc)…I have no room for slacking off.

Come to think of it–I don’t mind actually. I don’t mind doing my marketing plans and my demographics survey in between FBs and blogging and surfing. I get paid being here and it’s something–that in my book–deserves waking up at 9AM and being here in my desk on the dot.

Very Christmassy thoughts indeed for the 26th…

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