First year anniversary blues

It’s 4PM. I remember that on this date, at this hour, I was riding that comfy blinged out Lexus on the way for Malate Church to get married. On the backseat was mum and dad, and the Queen of All Cats, the maid of honor.

It’s been a year since that date.

I’d be lying if I said that it was easy–that it’s just like a walk in the park. It wasn’t easy for me and The Hubby. Consider how we started our wedded life: we got married on December 2008, by January 2009, I was confined due to over exhaustion while the Hubby was hospitalized when he was attacked by our dog, Wonbin. We spent the rest of the year hanging on to our sanity. We have days when we’re not sure if our money will last the month, or if we still have enough to eat.

I had to adjust to the fact that I need to follow a definite budget and not splurge on mindless things like I did before–random toys worth PHP800 (it was a Toyota Trueno miniature with remote control), fashion magazines, clothes, night outs, out of towns. When I look at it–it was the hardest adjustment for me. Me, the selfish brat who worked herself to death just to follow her whims and unncessary cravings. I had to adjust with picking up clothes left strewn but someone other than me; I had to wipe off toothpaste marks on the sink or clean the toilet for pee stains on the seat.

We fought about the bills, about our jobs (mine for being too harsh on my health and his for not being stable enough), about the In-Laws, about where he put my clothes (I’m late and I f*ckin’ need ’em now!), we fought about his being too kind and too nice for his own good, we fought about me too being cynical and bitchy, we fought about the toys, we fought about the TV. We fought like hell and we fought a lot.

And each time we fought, we cry. We cry about how hard it is to be married and how hard it is to be responsible. We cried about lost opportunities and the heartbreaks brought about by office politics. We cried about the big things and the littlest things–as long as it breaks our heart.

I’d like to think that we survived our first year unscathed thanks to my family–my mom, my dad, the Queen of all Cats and even the lil bro–for always standing behind us, ready to help, ready to listen, to be at the middle of every fight, without being intrusive or disrespectful of the littlest family unit in the house.

So, yeah…we’ve move on to the second year of being together–him and me and our 2 cats. We knew this won’t be easy–surely, 2010 will bring a lot of things to our little family.

But hey, the world already sucks anyway, I’d rather spent my lifetime navigating this crazy, sick world with him,

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