i *heart* chuck bass :-)

I am currently hooked on Glee where my favorite character is Puck–the baby daddy to Quinn Fabrey’s bun in the oven. Aside from that I am slowly developing a slight crush on Mr. Will Schuester and his puppy dog eyes. Will post more on Glee.

But this post is about my first ever TV crush. The other night, he was on a supporting role in a very weird dream and waking up, I was reminded on how damned sexy and sinful this man is. Pardon me if I start drooling here, but that’s his effect on me on most days.

Anyway, just to be clear: my dream was baduy but not sinful.

I was hoping the camera would turn on me and i’d be the blair to his chuck,but then my mom had to shake me from my stuppor cos i was really late for work!


i am so in love with ed westwick (the guy who plays chuck bass) and…with chuck bass himself! obviously, it reflects that i am a big Gossip Girl fan. i love the show! i love the cast! i love the clothes! i love chuck bass!

i am such a sucker for bad boys

A flinch of his nostril and that evil glint in his eyes and I am forever hooked!

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