The weird, wonderfully crazy world of Japanese commercials: Quentin Tarantino for Softbank

One of my favorite people, Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantino stars as Uncle "Tara-chan" for Softbank’s "Otosan" ad series. (Softbank is a Japanese mobile phone service provider and their "Otosan" (Father) ad series is very popular in Japan).

The "Otosan" series features a talking white dog as the father, an afro-american as a brother and no matter how weird you may find this set-up, apparently Japanese kids find this funny.

In the commercial, you will see Uncle "Tara" being funny, until being summoned by his angry wife to go home. Of course, he gladly complies. I don’t know about you by I’ve seen this ad five times already, and I still find it funny.

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