Getting sick and missing TNT…

It has come to pass that on this day, I shall suffer a terrible cold, coupled by a runny nose and itchy throat. Today, when I feel a little bit blue already since today is the Christmas party on my old company and I suddenly missed my friends, bosses and even the maintenance people there. This is the first time that it finally dawned on me that I am no longer with the old company. Cos if I was, I’d probably be there wearing a stupid hat. And sipping a beer. And screaming myself horse to cheer over M who always dances on company Xmas parties.

But I digress.

Back to the cold. I hate getting sick, cos I am probably in possession of the yuckiest batch of colds out there. I will win the yuckiest award, bar none–with a sickness repertoire starting from the usual cold and culminating to a terrible cough that tends to bother people I am in close proximity of. But thanks to a dear, dear friend S who over-exerted herself with whirlwind social activities and got herself sick–the sponge that I am, it is only natural that I ended up getting sick too. I am now working on passing on the disease to W.

When i was younger, it will take ten thousand feverish monkeys to get me sick. I’d play all day in the sun, then play in the rain (and smell bad in the process) but I still won’t get sick. This is much to my annoyance especially when I have exams coming up where I didn’t reviewed my notes (Math, since I only suck at Math). But now that I am older (and fatter) — I felt like my immune system just gave up on me and left me to deal with all possible sickness there is.

So now, I’ve downed vitamin C (from W), Tylenol (from S) and BioFlu (from the Hubby) and yet I still feel lethargic and "sick".

A part of me wants to believe that this is my body asking me to sleep and just forget that I’ll be missing the TNT Christmas party. I know that this goes with filing a resignation–missing people you’ve been hitting the bull with for 3 years. I miss my friends, and till now still thinking of what Papa V is wearing…(was it some crazy, fluffy thing he’d bought in Baclaran?) or if J is wearing her boots (she likes to wear boots like me) or if G and C will leave early since they have a daughter waiting at home.

I wonder if the food will be good; if all departments will perform and if the people from Cebu are present. I also wonder what’s up for grabs, will someone from Mean Team will win a ref like before or if Finance will perform their "infamous" presentations. It’s the little things, but little things do add up a lot and I get sicker still, just thinking of my friends from the other side of the fence.

Don’t get me wrong–I am fine here. Meeting new people and trying new things. This early I’ve met two cool people (S and W) and I’m doing ok hanging out with them. I am also looking forward to our own Yearend Party (this being my first) as well as the Outreach Event tomorrow for indigent kids in Marikina.

It’s just me, being sick and being sad, sitting here on my chair, nursing a slight headache due to sinus. It’s the usual me–missing things and missing people, thinking of how sad and unfortunate moving on can really be…

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