Hello, Murphy’s Law

Are you aware of Murphy’s Law?

Murphy’s Law is an adage, commonly invoked, that is typically stated as "anything that could go wrong, will go wrong". Using the academic point of view, Murphy’s Law states that given the longest amount of time, an event is bound to surely happen. Though most of the time–what happens is something bad or unfortunate.

I wish I don’t have to cite my miserable and comedic existence as the best example of Murphy’s Law at its best. Me the very parallelism of someone whose adventures in life always ends up with the best clincher: ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek (you know that annoying musical scoring at the end of every Dolphy joke to make sure you didn’t missed it?)

Being the drama queen that I am, I view my very existence as a long standing drama, with tear-jerkers, nail,-biting twists and turns, plus inspiring moments where friends, family and colleagues (my long-standing audience) will remain riveted to the scene. But, thanks to Murphy’s Law and its propensity to make an appearance in my life—my great soap opera is turning to a low budget comedy with D-List actors making occasional guest appearances.

Consider this:

Elementary school and I am almost in Honor’s List – a transferee student from God-knows-freaking-where enrolls in the school and takes my honor list placement due to her high provincial grades… ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

High School – I manage to pull up my grades enough to make an appearance in the Top Ten, only for calculus to make an appearance on the 2nd sem. The result: big fat 76 on the second sem report card. Say goodbye to aspirations of top ten. ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

College – Relationship with college crush goes smoothly, in my mind—we were Dawson Leery and Joey Potter (give me a break, Dawson’s Creek was at its peak then). He breaks my heart by saying THE LINE: “You’ve always been a little sister to me…” ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

Professional Life – Being the PR point person, yet not being included in an overseas PR training… ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

Married Life – “Mommy says we have to reschedule the wedding…” ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngwek-ngweeeeek

Well, maybe this isn’t just Murphy’s Law. Maybe it’s the universe telling me that what I want in life is not always possible and that there’s always a better one waiting for me.

I may not make it to the Honor’s Class but I was named outstanding student for the whole city that year; I didn’t end up with Dawson Leery but I married the King of Queens. I didn’t get married in June, but I got married at the right time and at the right moment.

At the end of the day, maybe I should look at it on a different perspective. And accept, that we can’t get what we always want in life. And oh, no matter how annoying it maybe, it’s life’s funniest moments that makes it worth living…

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