R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Disappointment

I always have this thing with respect. Respect for me is not for free, nor it goes with your age or status in life.

I believe that unlike our innate "human rights", respect is not something given for free–like trust, it must be earned and maintained. Of course, we have our parents whom by they sheer sacrifice in our well-being we should by all means respect. But what about the people of authority, the higher ups and even your friendly neighborhood tsismosa?

I usually get into trouble for being less respectful to these kind of people. My mom always tells me to respect them, or at least show them respect. The wise ass that I am, I usually answer "why"

Why should I respect them, the people of authority and even government officials, when they behave in an execrable manner? When all they’ve shown me is how evil and tainted their lives are. Respect means putting people in high regard–I say, why should I do this when their manners alone is lower than low.

Why should I respect my higher ups, when they clearly lack the hindsight, focus and a bone of professionalism in their bodies? Why should I respect the person who made my life miserable, with her misguided sense of management and responsibility? Why should I respect someone whose authority alone hinges on a corporate plantilla and clearly not from the sense of authority and seniority attained from higher education, training and management style?

Why should I respect the neighborhood tsismosa whose miserable life depends on the affairs and misfortune of others? Why should I respect that man or woman, with a baby in their arms, knocking from one car to another, asking for spare change–when clearly, they can still find work and earn a living? Why should I respect people who blamed their poverty on the government, the fortune and fate of other people and everyone else for that matter, except on their own selves?

When I was young, and clearly not as bitter as I am now, I was told that one should respect people–regardless. Now, that I am old, married and has seen and tasted the bitterness of life, jaded and less trusting…I ask why?

Why should respect be for free, when clearly, one must earn it first…?

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