All I want for Christmas…

It was only after I went out for dinner with my sister last night that I’ve finally noticed that, yes–it is indeed Christmas already. Left and right, mall outlets scream SALE! And it is only then that I noticed that people are already doing their Christmas shopping, with moms with kids in tow trying out new shoes.

I felt a bit sad, having decided that I will not splurge nor spend on unnecessary things as 2009 draws to a close, and 2010 begins. Mainly because I am starting from scratch, having left a lucrative job in exchange for peace of mind and better health. One of my fondest wishes actually is to begin 2010 right, by fixing things that I should have taken care of, especially financially.

Since I seldom go out nowadays, the short trip to the mall/s gave me an idea on what I wanted for Christmas. One of these things, I may buy for myself–my treat and an incentive of sorts for getting a head start in trying to put my life on a definite direction.

The Christmas wish list

1. Rubber shoes – in this style. Comfy and goes well with skinnies and thights and long shirts. Did I mention that it looks really, really good? This pair is from Supra.

2. Passport holder from Team Manila….or any stuff from Team Manila for that matter! I’m all about Pinoy Pride, and Team Manila best captures the Filipino spirit. My current passport holder is a plastic Winnie the Pooh cutesy stuff, and it never fails to draw snickers from friends and family members (and maybe even the Immigration?) whenever I take it out. I can’t find a picture of the passport holder by Team Manila, but the Rockwell store definitely has it!

3. Barbie 1959 Debut Doll – I’m isip bata and I love collecting toys. My current collection include Bratz, Barbie, random dolls that I’d love to have and collected due to their facial features; plastic dolls belonging in a Japanese line called Street Kids (?) and of course, my Hotwheels toys all collected during my Initial D phase. The Hotwheels were bequethed to the baby brother for safe-keeping while the dolls currently crowd the TV stand, making it hard to watch TV. What i’d love to have is the re-issue of the Barbie 1959 Debut Doll.

(Image from
4. Diana+F Lomo camera – Lomo photography caught my attention in early 2008, and pretty much by february I already owned a Lomo Super Sampler camera which I used in barkada bonding gimmicks. While I was endlessly teased by one of my buddies for going back to film when digital cam are available…using lomo never failed to challenge my creativity and spontaineity. Here’s my dream camera:


5. Moleskine Weekly Planner and Project Planner – the perfect gift for someone who wants to keep track of her life…meaning, me. Hehe! I used to have 3 planners before (the company issued, a Starbucks planner and a Belle du Jour planner) however, nothing pretty much changed and my life and work was as disorganized as before. Hence, I resolve to have just one planner — and what can be the best choice but a Moleskine?

(from Moleskine US.Com)

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