the great adventure begins in less than 15 hours!

As briefly mentioned in an earlier post, the Hubby and I will be going to our first trip overseas.
Not much of a big deal really as it’s just across the pond (HK) — but the fact that we are going on our first "alone" trip and that we’ve planning it for most of 2009 pretty much keeps me stoked.

(We’ve booked way, way ahead hence we got ultra cheap tickets courtesy of Cebu Pacific).

Truth is, I am a bit concerned, because first and foremost — as mentioned, it’s jut the two of us and that pretty much sums up that this trip will resemble one of those reality series on TV where a young married couple goes overseas and pretty much annoys and amuses (in that order) each other for most of the trip.

For my friends with dirty minds (MEAN TEAM, that means you), NO — working on a little monster of our own is not included in our agenda, so quench your baby shower wishes immediately cos it ain’t happening.

As mentioned, I’ve been planning this trip for 6 months and I’ve pretty much spent all my web hours searching for things to do while in HK. On top of our list is a trip back at Disneyland. The last time the Hubby visited HK, he was 14 and Disney doesn’t exist yet while I was just there last year–but I was suckered by the Fireworks and would want to witness it again this year in time for their Winter Wonderland parade.

(Cue: "A Whole New World")

Honestly, this trip almost did not happen due to some financial issues. And I’ve pretty much given up on the possibility of the trip happening, and I was depressed for a while. But sometimes, miracles happen (in the form of a cat-loving bitchy younger sister)….and so the trip gets its green-light. Hence, the planning continued.

The biggest adventure is that we are going on this trip on a very tight budget–if there’s such a thing tighter than tight–this is it. I have our itinerary down pat and even now, I am still worrying if we will survive the trip. We don’t have any lofty expectations and were prepared to wing it during our stay. We know that we’d be able to enjoy the trip without blowing big bucks in HK.

In all my research, I’ve pretty much heard that HK is an expensive city: the lodging, food and even the entertainment. But if you look hard enough, you’ll see that there are a lot of cheap and even free attractions. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for that.

Anyway, I am thankful and looking forward to this trip. It’s something definitely worth experiencing.

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