On a quest for my own piece of “Chungking Mansions”

In light of the impending travel/bonding time with the Hubby, I’ve gone on a crazed-research mode looking for cheap attractions where we will enjoy ourselves without having to sell our souls to the devil.

I’ve already have a few stuff lined up for him and also some for me. One of the things that I am raring to visit is this old, infamous building in Nathan Road that is oozing with character…yes, it’s Chungking Mansions

The set of the now cult-classic "Chungking Express", this building used to have a reputation as a hotbed of illegal and dangerous activities in old Hong Kong. That is until the government and the building management decided to overhaul the building’s image, as well as rehabilitate it in terms of safety and security. Today, this building is known for cheap finds, amazing curries and as a safe haven for backpackers who want cheap accommodation in Hong Kong.

It is estimated that the 17-story building can house up to 4,000 people, with up to 120 nationalities represented at any given time. Chungking Mansions was cited as "Best Example of Globalization in Action" by Time Magazine’s"Best of Asia" awards.

For more information on Chungking Mansions, read here

I’ll keep you updated if I get to visit this during the trip, hopefully get a snap to share along the way 🙂

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