How my name came to be…

I’ve posted earlier about my love for the cool Anna Tsuchiya and her break-out role in the movie, Kamikaze Girls.
By now, you’ve probably realized that this site’s name was born out of that funny, endearingly cool movie.

I’ve always have an affinity to Japanese movies more than the films churned out by my own country. I’ve seen and fallen in love with a lot of ’em: Okurubito (Departures), Must Love Dogs, Ringu, Death Note…but Kamikaze Girls is the one movie that captured senseless my kawaii-lovin’, Japanese-speakin’ heart.

The movie is about two girls: Ichigo (a yanki) and Momoko. FYI: A Yanki is a boyish, tough lady gangster who belongs in a bosozuku gang (a motorcycle gang) while Momoko is a Lolita (girls who dress like dolls) who adore the shop, Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

You may read the rest of the story and summary here and here

Some stills from Kamikaze Girls:

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