Gundam Wedding in Odaiba, Japan

I have to have a lengthy introduction to this post:

My best friend since high school is getting married on April next year and as her best friend — EHEM! I am helping her run things and make sure that she will not pass out from the preparation.

Now, here’s the thing with my best friend: Like me, she’s a child at heart. (In tagalog: isip-bata). We both love Hello Kitty and Barbies and we consider Sanrio Luxe in Greenbelt our personal definition of heaven.

When she announced that Mark (her fiance) proposed a few months ago, she immediately contacted me for the wedding preparations. As you know, I got hitched last year and I earned "war medals" due to the stressful wedding preparations.

So…like any wedding, we started with one question: what’s the motiff and theme? (My wedding was set on a Japanese theme and I nearly scared my then-fiance away with my japanese wedding ideas)

Can you guess, what we came up with?


Well-meaning friends and family hastened to check if we’ve lost our minds…but we were quite determined to do as that, except that the reality of staging a Hello Kitty-themed wedding is killing us in terms of availability of materials and suppliers who will gladly recreate Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty for our sake.

The wedding has a more normal theme now, much to my husband’s relief. And my best friend is contented with her new motif.

Now, on to the purpose of this post:

If you think a Hello Kitty wedding is tops, wait till you hear about the Gundam Theme wedding held in front of the life-sized Gundam in Odaiba, Japan. (Sadly, the Gundam was torn down a few weeks ago).

Here are the pictures of the wedding. This is from the site, Tokyo Mango



Gundam director Tomina-san was there to bless and congratulate the couple. Also present was the couple’s newly-born child.

I do know people who’d gladly change places with the Gundam couple and hold their weddings at the foot of the Odaiba Gundam. One of my good friends in TNT was crazy about Gundam and I think he’d give an arm and his 2 legs just to experience this.

Any other crazy and unique wedding themes, anyone?

You can view more pictures of the Gundam wedding at:

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