Why I love doing business with the government (insert sarcasm here)

Since I was informed by my TNT HR that I will need to produce a certified true copy of my marriage certificate to make my "married" status for SSS "confirmed" — I hauled hubby and my sorry ass to the first floor of the Makati City Hall to get a copy.

Now, I have this unspoken doubt when it comes to dealing with the government. In my book, MOST government employees are slimy, incompetent losers who go to work to pass time, time in and time off, this while doing their job ONCE IN A WHILE, in an attitude that seems to reflect that they ARE DOING US A BIG FAVOR when our taxes go to PAYING FOR THEIR OWN SALARIES!

(Full Disclosure: My dad is a government employee, has been employed by the majestic city government of Makati for almost more than half of my life. Thus the emphasis on the word, MOST on my paragraph above. And for the record, I do believe that there are HONEST, COMPETENT and DEDICATED government employees. It’s just sad that the scummy ones outnumber their ranks )

Ok–back to the story.

My frustration began when the good ol’ lady assigned at the Step 2 counter of the local NSO made a big shit out of me changing the number of the copies I wanted. She made me go back to Step 1 (which is the assessment), which is on the other side of the building just for that alone. A task–who someone with foresight and the presence of mind–will be able to do is less than 10 seconds. 10 seconds, I kid you not! Without me having to go back to the other side of the building!

Ale, alam nyo ho ba kung gaano kahaba ang pila?!


The people assigned at the Assessment area looked like they’re soooo bored out of their minds, they’d rather be somewhere else than be there. They answer to people’s questions like they were so annoyed on the stupidity of us (the tax payers). Hello! The reason why we are asking is because we don’t freaking know–If we know, you wouldn’t have a job! The same goes to that lady in the Step 2 window who treats her CUSTOMERS (yes, we are customers) like she owes us a favor. Funny cos in my mind, we are the ones lining up here to pay that 40 pesos LGU tax for copies of our important documents. She refuses to release receipts to those without change or exact amount. Her favorite line is: "wala ho ba kayong barya? wala? o eh balikan nyo na lang…"

 She has the guts to say this cos she doesn’t have to line up when it’s her turn to request for documents. All she has to do is to make pasingit— a trait which her kind are wont to do.

Steps 3 and 4 were a breeze, mainly because I suspect COMPETENT people are manning the windows. Special props goes to the lady assigned to Window 11 (releasing) which serves the public with a smile and answers questions easily and without making sunget.


Can we do away with incompetent people and do business with computers instead? Is the Philippines too third world for us not to have an electronic document release system, which will allow us to save on manpower cost and the agony of having to deal with lines, chaos, incompetence and pure apathy?

Can our documents and records maintenance be automated? I know, I maybe kidding myself asking for something like this, when we still do our elections manually.

I wonder? is our own government holding us back from progress by REFUSING TO SIMPLIFY THINGS FOR US?

I suspect installing a state of the art records maintenance system will eliminate the need for more employees. Lines and processing will be a breeze, the temptation for corruption and palakasan system will be non-existent. AYAW BA NATIN NUN?

Then again, removing these incompetent people from their current jobs leads to disgruntled voters. That’s one thing every damn politician here in my beloved country can’t afford to have.

Baka kasi hindi pa sila manalo! Hence we have to make do with what we have. Or in my case, I pray that I won’t be needing any document anytime soon. Else, it’s a trip back to hell for me!

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