Saturday at Divisoria: It’s a Sale pandemonium

This is one of the rare moments when I finally coaxed (bribed) the hubby to going to Divisoria.
Coaxing/bribing him was easy cos I just have to tell him I’d treat him at "Chopsticks and Spoon" –this great place we always eat at at 168 Mall (more on that later).

Though I am quite sure I’d be broke before the weekend, I just had to go to Divisoria where NOT spending is NOT an option (hehe).

Anyway, as usual–an’daming tao! Every square inch was teeming with human beings. And to think, we Pinoys are supposed to be broke! The street infront of Tutuban was already filled with merchants, and going through that by any means of transportation is virtually impossible. 

Our first buy for the day is this Sandugo style slippers for hubby, which retails for 35 pesos from a streetside vendor along the alley leading to 168. I was tempted to buy this knock-off crocs (going at 35pesos!) but since they don’t have the style and color I wanted, I chose not to buy anything. Me–the crocs hater contemplating on buying crocs! Hehe! My friends will die laughing! To be fair, what I hated is the big, bulky common crocs (usually worn by Iron Chef Mario Batali and my hubby).

After twenty steps, we came across this pwesto selling candles for All Saints Day. We decided to buy a few candles for both our families. The candles are already a steal, considering their cost at the local mall: a pack of white candles retails for only P35, while 1 pack (12 pcs) of votive candles retail for 45. there were also Esperma-sized candles,as well as big thick ones.

Finally, we were in front of 168, and as expected there were a lot of shoppers. The first time we went here, we got lost and decided to ride a pedicab from Tutuban. And as expected of enterprising Pinoys, the pedicab driver decided to go through all alleyways before depositing us to 168–the cost of the whole ride was 200 pesos. More expensive than a cab from Makati to Divisoria. Of course, it is only after we shopped and walked around did we realised that 168 was virtually in front of Tutuban. I’m sure that monster masquerading as a driver is still a pedicab driver, and he’d probably be one for as long as he live, as long as he gets by life by making a fool out of people. FOR THOSE PLANNING ON GOING TO DIVISORIA, DON’T RIDE A PEDICAB. BETTER TO WALK, IT’S CROWDED ANYWAY.

At 168, our first business of the day was to eat at "Chopsticks and Spoon" — this small eatery at the Food Court of the mall was one of the first stores there, even when 168 was still not the buzz word for cheap buys. Chopsticks and Spoon was run by an amiable Chinese grandpa, who personally took the orders of the clients while seated at his high stool at the left side corner of the shop. When the line is not so long, you can found him checking his clients’ needs or assisting his helpers (all dressed in matching purple shirts). As usual, we ordered the pancit guisado mix (P120), the siopao (P40). plus coke and sprite. Manning the counter this time was this friendly Fil-Chinese grandma (my guess is the Boss’ wife) who was also equally friendly. We’ve been eating here for as long as I can remember, way back 2006 and the food remains unbealivably cheap and sarap

Back to shopping! EVERY SHOP AND CORNER AT 168 SCREAMS SALE! ALL PRICES ARE MARKED 50% OFF, AND EVEN LOWER. My favorite place is at the top floor right at the other side of the food court where some boutiques selling cute clothes are located.

With a very limited budget (I HAD TO, OR WE WILL EAT CLOTHES, SHOES AND WHATNOT FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS), here’s some of my seriously good haul for today:

1. 3 pcs hello kitty coin purse, retails for 35pesos each or 3 for P100.
2. 1 long curtain, green with nice, classy pattern – P100 only
3. A super cool porma boots which I got for P400! I now have a good source of boots, courtesy of that shop atr 168. Now, if I can only remember which alley I went through.
4. a Nice umbrella (concealed in a bottle), with hello kitty pattern – P100

As pasalubong, I bought Fuji apples (45 for 1 pack) and Ponkans (P10 each). I also dropped by my favorite cake store, Xin Yi Long (?) at the top floor of the 168, at the newly built side. Cakes sold here are cute–like the cakes featured in the shop in the Meteor Garden (where San Cai works). They are not too sweet and just too beautiful to eat sometimes.

I plan on going back again cos I want to decorate my parent’s living room. I got some great ideas, I just need the cash to finance it.


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