This Monday’s not so bad!!! (Let’s hope this goes on…)

My close friends, and the unfortunate few who shared breathing space with me–obviously knows about the drama that currently plays on Lani TV like an unfortunate episode of Ugly Betty on crack. Suffice to say, and without going much into details, let me just say that my career closely resembles the biggest roller coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain…so may twists and turns, you kinda have to puke out once you get out the ride.

For two (?) months now, going to work (ESPECIALLY ON MONDAYS) is like going to the dentist. You know, the one who scrimps on novocaine and anesthesia and SUDDENLY PULLS YOUR TEETH JUST LIKE THAT!

Anyway, due to this long-running (and long overdue) program in my life, Ive come to have this hatred for Monday. Well, this Monday is different.

I went to work determined to look at the picture on a positive perspective. To make sure that I will last the day, I loaded on praise music, courtesy of sis. I kept saying to myself that with the help of Sonic Flood, The Katinas and Kutless–I will be able to disregard any negativity that will wrap itself around me like a hell-born leech.

And you know what?

I survived Monday. I LOVE this MONDAY (i hope this will go on with my succeeding Mondays)

On my way home, I was talking to NEIGHBOR, and we were discussing about career choices and just when do you realise that a job is not for you.  I remember saying that like all yuppies, I probably harbored dreams of having the corner office–but then again, late at night I keep yearning to the time when I use my brain to write creative pieces, and not worry about the effect of the company on x and y and z.

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