Quo Vadis Mrs. Suzon?

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few weeks and more often than not…I’ve come to asses that I really need to change a lot of things with the way I live.

Married life is not its portrayed to be. Nine out of then, the ride is bumpy, hellish and depressing. As much as I love the person I married, there are days when I just want to scream at him. They say, I was lucky having someone who’d understand the shit I usually go through. But then, I say…he’s damn lucky too.

Nine months of me having a new surname yet I keep thinking of the old one–figures it’s because I’ve had that for 29 years. It is only now I realise marriage is not for the faint hearted

if you don’t have guts and patience and heart in you, I say don’t get married. Remain as partners. Cos as soon as you plan your wedding–there’s no backing out. You gotta stick to it. Dammit.

well, for those expecting it to happen…AM SORRY, BUT WE AINT THROWING THE TOWEL JUST YET
the ride is hellish, yes…but i’d rather share the ride with him than go through life alone.

This is know cos we’re fighting, in spite whatever misery we might encounter. That’s why everyday, I wake up, go to work, shut up the whole day, go home…rely on the kindness of my friends…then repeat the process all over again. This is why he wakes up, go to school– bear learning how to clean toilets and bedsheets and prepare place settings for a living.

So, if you’re not the type who looks forward to picking up the laundry after the man who you claimed you love; or to hearing her nag every God damn day of the life. Just don’t take the plunge. Step away from your day dreams of white gown and pink roses–cos it’s EVER AFTER you gotta deal with

So, here I am taking it one day at a time–learning to deal…That’s why I want to move forward with my life–with work, with my career, with everything that has to do with me.

I’m just so tired settling for "puwede na" or "ok lang".

I have three months to go, and I’m saying to this confusing, horrible year. Am gonna fix my life.

I gotta have an answer,a  definite answer, when I am asked where I am going…

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