Going banAnas with ANNA!

Hi Dear God,

If I get to die and be given a chance to live again as another person…..
pretty please po?

Consider Anna:

"Lucy’ – From Nana the Movie (BlackStones)

"I’m Addicted to You" (from Kuroi Namida single)


What I like about Anna is that she’s unique compared to the typical female Japanese singer.
As much as I love anything JPop (and Japanese for that reason) but let’s admit that most female singers have this annoying pa-cute voice. And more often than not–they have this pre-packaged image that you don’t get their personality anymore.

I first saw Anna Tsuchiya on a CNN interview and I was impressed. Where did this girl come from? Turns out–she’s everywhere in Japan! And did I mention that she’s one of the leads in Kamikaze Girls (with Kyoko Fukada)?

Before I reduce myself to a slobbering, raving lunatic–I’ll shut up.
Losing coolness factor is not exactly cool if I am ANNA TSUCHIYA!

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