freestylin’ – poem 001

rummaging for my stuff and looking at my notebook collection (yes folks, i collect notebooks. i am a sucker for notebooks and i get high just by smelling writing paper–more on that on my succeeding post)….i found one of my so-called diaries where some of my poems were written.

i’ve read through them…and i almost fell out of my chair laughing. then it dawned upon me that i should probably burn this before it becomes ‘evidence 001" on how much a melodramatic schmuck i am.

but…knowing me…i couldn’t even bring myself to harm an old circa 1999 diary…so the notebook was safe, for the meantime.

then it dawned upon me to repost all my poems here at my blog. why? so i can inflict further shame upon myself? check. or so you can also die laughing and cringing at the same time? check.

…or because, simply i feel like it

i’ve always written poems and i love writing poems. i prefer writing in freestyle, without the iambic pentameter or rhythm…i say it as it is. LIKE SPOKEN WORD!


words can cut as deep
as the sharpest knife.
empty, hollow, meaningless words.
just words, yet your eyes
     betray your lies

pure semantics
an arrangement of vowels, consonants, sounds
never knew something so innocent
     can hurt as much.

deep inside i bleed.
your words like swords piercing my flesh

little by little, i die.
i bleed, i die inside.

empty, hollow
meaningless words


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