There’s strength in numbers…

It’s all over the news–so I won’t repeat it.
But whatever devastation Typhoon Ondoy (KETSANA) dealt to Filipinos–HE WASN’T ABLE TO KILL OUR SPIRIT.
While this calamity is one of the worsts that hit Manila and the Philippines, the calamity also gave us the chance to unite as a country. To help people in  need. To look (even for once) beyond ourselves.

Last Saturday gave birth to thousands of heroes–heroes that went beyond the glare of the press or camera. People who died saving others, people who risked their lives saving others. They are not well-known personalities–they are not politicians…they were made of some sterner stuff…they are heroes.

Imagine multiplying two or three heroes into five, six, twenty…a hundred,. Imagine what that would do to our country. There’s strength in numbers…together, we can get pass this.

If you’re someone who spent a day at the volunteer site, or helped your neighbor or your family or donated goods or cash — thank you!

Our country needs more people like you!

This is all over the internet…so you’ve probably seen this: I am not into local showbiz…but when 2 celebrities helped out and DIDN’T BLABBED ABOUT IT, we should recognize the deed!

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