I like 2NE1!

Yeah, yeah…we all know Sandara wasn’t exactly cool when she was here
In fact, with all the things Channel 2 made her do when she was here–you’d think the poor kid had no choice but to be one of those pretty talking, dancing, moving card board cut-outs we all see on TV,

So, when Kim Chui was discovered and her career tanked– Sandy went back to her native South Korea to try her luck there. She was signed to YG Entertainment where she underwent trainings and was grouped along with other hopefuls.

This year, she–along with CL, Minzy and Park Bom –debuted as 2NE1 (twenty one), and with the help of YG royalties Big Bang their debut single "Fire" is now garnering waves, hates and raves via the internet.

Am feeling 2NE1–compared to other SK girl groups–they had this edge when everyone seemed to be all cutesy and pure and naive and pink and fluffy bunnies.

Some 2NE1 videos:

Fire (Street Version)

Fire (Space Version)

Lollipop (with Big Bang)

The Making of Fire MV

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