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The Search for Mrs. Philippines Global: These mommas make us proud! 

Many say that motherhood is a full-time job, one that doesn’t end when the clock hits 5pm; with no overtime pay, no time offs or benefits. My mother will always tell me that mothers will do anything and everything in their power to protect their kids. 

But there must be more to women than being a wife and mother. After all, being a mom doesn’t diminish a mother’s identity but instead enhances it. 

This is the premise behind the currently ongoing search for Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016, with the winner slated to be crowned tonight, 23 October 2016 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura. 

 “Mrs. Philippines Globe promotes women as symbols of inspiration through their achievements, charitable acts and life stories,”  pageant director Carla Cabrera-Quimpo said. 

With seventeen beautiful women, with storied careers as a housewife, an engineer, a blogger, a dentist, a flight attendant, a dermatologist, among others, vying for the title, tonight’s coronation is expected to be fierce yet good natured. 

The seventeen official candidates are: Darlene Go Conde, Marjorie P. McMurchie, Brook Irene Rose Cajita, Niezal V. Cayangan, Madonna Caguioa Naval, Maria Giselle Lyn Barrion, Maria Theresa Uhlmann, Annalyn Marie Gayatin, Michelle Duyungan Boyero, Rasha Demonteverde, Timikko Santos, Genieve Uy, Fritzie Lexdy Noche, Coleen Hazel Ramos, Nova Christine de la Cruz, Geisha Marie Muring and Angelica Marie Catangay.

During the press presentation, these two are my two favorites: 

Ms. Santos is a young single mother from Rizal who revels in her new role as a mother to a precocious child. She is also out to prove that single mothers are tough, fiercely dedicated and ambitious for the benefit of her children. She leans on the support of her family as she tries her chances to win the crown tonight. 

Another favorite for mine is Dr. Noche, a dentist from Batangas who stood out because of her confident answers and regal bearing during the presentation. She stood out for me because out of all the contestants, I can picture her wearing the Mrs. Philippines Globe crown. 

Aside from the coveted Mrs. Philippines-Globe title, also up for grabs later are the following: the Woman of Substance title, as well as the other special awards including Achievement of the Year, Charity or Advocacy of the Year, Best Talent of the Year, Career Woman of the Year, Most Beautiful Face, Darling of the Press, Entrepreneur of the Year, Mrs. Body Beautiful, Most Elegant Woman, Personality of the Year, Husband of the Year and a new addition to the roster of special recognitions — the Mrs. Philippines-Globe Classic 2018, which will pay honor to women aged 45 and above. 

Will my bets Timikko and Fritzie make it? One thing’s for sure, whoever wins will make us proud! 

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Piolo leads call to “Go Well;” launches this year’s Sunpiology Sugar Wars

Piolo Pascual

Heartthrob Piolo Pascual is like a Pinoy Tony Stark – even without the “Crush Ng Bayan” tag which followed him all his life, Piolo is well-loved and known to his followers as a product endorser, as a savy businessman, a philanthropist and a budding athlete. This is aside from being a loving father, brother and son to his family. 

For a few years already, Piolo has added another title to his already long multi-hypenates. Following his long-term partnership with leading financial services company, Sunlife. From espousing the values of saving up for the future, Piolo is also now the face of Sun Fit & Well, Sunlife’s foray to wellness products and its Wellness Advocacy component, Go Well

“SUN Fit and Well provides coverage for 114 critical illnesses and can help replace funds used for diagnostic procedures and check-ups. But more than a usual health insurance, it provides benefits to keep customers healthy and well. It is available in limited pay and Advantage variants, which includes hospitalization and follow-up care with a specialist,” explains Mylene Lopa, Sunlife Chief Marketing Officer. 

It’s Wellness Advocacy Component, Go Well is a community with a website that provides nutrition tips, exercise ideas, and content about a more mindful life. But more than just an online community, Go Well members can enjoy discounts in partner establishments, as well as free access to regular community classes featuring the hottest fitness trends

The Go Well program introduced its various ambassadors, leading different aspects of wellness. These include Rovilson Fernandez for CrossFit, Bubbles Paraiso for Yoga, Tessa Prieto-Valdez for Yoga, Piolo Pascual for cycling/strength, Sunlife Health & Wellness Manager Jaymie Pizzaro for running and Inigo Pascual for the Youth. 

“GoWell marks Sun Life’s entry into the wellness space,” according to Health and Wellness Manager Jaymie Pizzaro. “GoWell is envisioned to be a wellness community offering credible and relevant health and wellness information and high impact fitness events to help Filipinos live healthier, brighter lives.”

Go Well is available for Sunlife members and non-members. Those interested to live the healthy life can go to Varying benefits are available depending on the coverage. 

As someone who fiercely advocates wellness, Piolo is again lending his name to this year’s Sugar Wars Sunpiology Run happening on November 19, 3PM at Camp Aguinaldo, QC. 

Aside from his Go Well co-ambassadors, Star Magic artists will also join the yearly run mixed with fun activities, through the leadership of the Run Rio team. 

In spite the fact that there is a constant influx of new pretty boys, no one can deny that Piolo remains on top of the “hot guys meter” – add to this his acting mettle and his Well-loved personality and it’s common knowledge that he can still give any 20-something guy a run for their money. 

Piolo credits his youthful look and energy (take note: he is nearing his 40s) to his dedication to living a healthy life. Unlike younger guys who strictly watch what they eat, Piolo believes in “eating what he wants” as long as there’s proper moderation and that he works out after. 

He favors cycling now adays but during his early foray to fitness, he has trained with Well-known running guru Coach Rio. In fact, the two had an easy banter during the Q&A, with Piolo noting that it has been a long time winded their last run. 

More than his drop-dead features, its the many facts of Piolo Pascual, the man, that will forever endear him to the public. After all, dor almost two decades in the industry , he remains our one and only “Papa P.” 

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Losing weight without losing your mind

As someone desperately trying to lose weight, I know how mentally taxing the process was. In my case, I usually start hopeful (usually after shedding a pound or two), usually commencing to desperation (after the weighing scale shows I have managed to gain back everything I lost). 

This was me, fifteen years and 80 pounds ago, as a rookie reporter for the Manila Bulletin

This is me today: a lot heavier but also a lot tougher and wiser

This usually progresses to a reckless cycle of not eating, a mad desire to run and walk everywhere in order to “shed off,” a bout with juicing, cleansing and everything in between only to relapse following a fateful encounter with a cupcake. 

This vicious cycle continues month after month. While it is taxing for the body, the mental and emotional toll is another level. 

That’s why I understand how it must have felt for Sheryl Ehmene Uy-Garcia and Francis Salazar, who both struggled with their weight before enrolling into Cohen’s Lifestyle Program. Garcia and Salazar, who are now both graduates of the program, maintained their healthy weight for more than three years and can attest to the effectiveness of conditioning one’s mind to lose weight. Before adapting their new mindset, Uy-Garcia, an advertising sales unit head in her mid-30s, and Francis Salazar, a technology consultant, both suffered from asthma and obesity.

 They turned to the Cohen Lifestyle Program, a rapid weight-loss and wellness program through nutrition. Salazar started the program in 2011 weighing 325 lbs., and in eight months, he lost 153 lbs. Garcia, who weighed 152 lbs., reached her healthy weight of 112 lbs. in just six months.

 Salazar and Garcia share the following “mental diet” tips that they learned from joining the program:

Assess your relationship with food. Before you can effectively lose weight, you have to understand and deal with the root cause of your problem first –your relationship with food. The two Cohen clients reveal that they were emotional eaters before trying the program. Salazar shares, “I ate when I was happy; I ate when I was sad.” It’s important to be aware of why you may overeat and to stop feeding your emotion in order to successfully maintain your ideal weight.
Always remember your weight-loss motivation. Losing weight can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you focus on why you want to lose weight. “During one of my monthly ER visits, the doctor warned me that my asthma was fatal and I would expire early if I didn’t take care of myself. I enrolled in the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program because their approach is very personal. They made me focus on my ‘why’ – to live longer for my husband and kids,” shares Garcia. As for Salazar, his family’s medical history compelled him to finally say goodbye to obesity. “A couple of my uncles died due to diabetes and stroke, and my mom knows that my current situation is a ‘ticking time bomb.’”


Have a support system. There may have been times when you wanted to give up, but with the help and support of your family, you can push through with your weight-loss journey and reach your goal. Garcia and Salazar stayed committed to the Cohen Lifestyle Program with the help of their families. “A key factor that helped me stay committed to the program is my supportive husband who encouraged and cooked for me whenever he could,” shares Garcia. In addition to family support, it is also important to have the support of others who understand what you are going through and are supportive of your desire to lose weight and be healthier. Cohen Consultants often meet with their clients, such as Francis and Sheryl, to help them on their weight-loss journey.


Set realistic expectations. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work for it, including sacrificing some indulgences. “Before Cohen, I only ate pork, rice and soda, no vegetables and fruits, but now, my plate always has salad with protein,” Garcia shares. Salazar says, “It was okay to indulge once in a while, but not overindulge. It’s okay to enjoy food. We eat to live, not live to eat.”

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to stick to your diet program, set-backs happen which can slow down your weight-loss progress or even increase your weight. The most important thing is you do not completely let go of your goal and you get back on track with your weight-loss program as soon as possible. Before you know it, you can reach your goal. 


Change your perspective on food and diet. Your mindset on food and diet is an essential factor in losing and maintaining weight safely and effectively. 

For me, I am still hopeful that I can achieve a healthier body – am not exactly gunning to regain my weigh and health profile when I was still in my 20s because that would be impossible and unrealistic. I just need to shed the extra 60 pounds that I’ve been carrying and I am all set. 

To know more about Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, visit, or visit on Facebook and on Instagram.

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Kampai conversations with my father 

I was probably born attached to my father’s hips. While other little girls gravitate towards their mom, I crave my father’s approval from the time I was little to now when I am already an adult. 

I made it my life-long mission to make my parents happy. I crave nothing but the approval and validation of my father. While I will gladly lay down my life for my mother, I am a daddy’s girl through and through. I got my love for the arts from him, the way I crave achievements and my type A personality is due to my desire to make him proud. 

When I grew old, I stopped playing the goody, nerdy girl. More than the studious, artsy kid, I’d like to believe that I am now at a place where I can be a friend and a co-conspirator for my dad. While we bond via movies, reading and GINEBRA games, my age has also allowed me to spend time drinking with him. We knock back a few bottles and discover new liquor and shoot the breeze while maintaining a nice buzz. 

Thus, I am more than pleased after I have discovered this nice liquor shop centrally located in Jupiter Street, Makati (near Montivar Bldg and Whistle Stop). Called “The Booze Shop,” this quaint shop carries the finest selection of booze from all over the world – whatever you are looking for, there’s whisky, wines, vodkas, sake and of course, a wide selection of beers perfect for the serious booze enthusiasts. 

These caught my attention while I was browsing their shelves, looking for something to get my dad – maybe two of the priciest liquor I have seen in my life. 

This beauty is worth PHP40,000!
Fine, aged sake for only PHP35,000

Due to my dad’s age, I’ve become hawk-like in monitoring his liquor intake. I think I’ve always mentioned in my posts how my father is very much a simple man who knows how to appreciate the good things in life. He only drinks when there’s a gathering or during occasions, and rather prefers drinking on how own on some nights when he wants to unwind. After we kids have grown up, we sometimes bond over light liquors while watching television or when celebrating holidays – just talking like good friends. 

As dad gets older, I know that there will come a time that I’ll become stricter with him when it comes to liquor intake. The good thing with my dad is that he always knows his limits. Maybe it also helped that after he has retired, he preferred more to just drink the occasional bottle or two and has started saying no to his friends when it comes to big drinking sessions. These days, “buzzed” conversations with dad had become rare – something which you’d take advantage of because you were not “that kid” anymore. Somehow, adulthood has promoted you to become that “equal.”  I’ve become that, bringing with me 30plus years of neuroses and hang-ups, all of which are perfect fodder for conversations in between shots of Arctic Vodka or Asti Martini. 

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I graduated from being the kid “who buys dad San Mig Mucho from the sari-sari store” to “the kid who buys dad fancy liquor from a shop.” 

Friendly The Booze Shop team members Maribel and Nick

If you love finding that rare bottle of liquor or a budding spirits connoisseur, head to The Booze Shop. It’s a nice place to know more about your favorite drink. Their team members Maribel and Nick are very knowledgeable and can give you a tip or two on the selections they offer. If you also love trying rare beers, The Booze Shop has a big selection of beers from all over the world. They are open from 12noon to 12 midnight. While looking for something for my father, I asked them to recommend something with lower alcohol content. 
A word to our readersKamikazeeGirl is against people getting irresponsibly drunk. Please drink responsibly. And make sure you’re of legal age when you visit a liquor shop. 

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Here’s a safe and effective way to beat Dengue

One of the leading cause of mortality, especially among children, is Dengue, an all too common mosquito borne disease. 

Last year there were over 200,000 cases of Dengue fever reported in the Philippines , and almost 600 were fatalities. What is alarming is that this was way up from the 121,000 reported instances in 2014. More alarming still is that just this year, the DOH has reported 70,000 Dengue cases from January to July, the supposed lean Dengue months, this is 19% more than the same period last year. With the increasing incidence of Dengue comes the need to curb it from spreading by targeting the cause of the disease: Dengue Mosquitoes.

In the Philippines, nobody is safe form Dengue, it cuts across all socio-economic barriers. Anyone can be infected, and anyone can die from it. In fact Dengue statistics in the Philippines are based only on people who seek treatment at hospitals or clinics. Because the initial symptoms of Dengue are the same as more benign illnesses such as the flu, many Dengue cases go unreported, especially since instances of the flu also rise at the onset of the rainy season. 
The problem with products that kill or repel mosquitoes is that there is always a catch. There are sufficient studies to show that most chemical based products can be quite harmful if used too long. Spray products do kill mosquitoes, but there is a reason even their manufacturers advise people not to enter a freshly sprayed room for some time. Fume based products such as katol (mosquito coils) and vape mats emit toxins and are singled out by the website as particularly harmful to infants but also to adults.  
Electric bug zappers are quite noisy and can be quite disruptive at night; and finally lotions are effective, but not affordable or convenient enough to apply daily. 

 This is why the Hanns Insect Trap is the best alternative for anyone but especially for mothers who want to keep mosquitoes away from their kids, but who don’t like the adverse effects of other mosquito control methods.  
Like a bug zapper, the Hanns Insect Trap uses a UV light to attract insects, so like the bug zapper, it is fume and toxin free. However, while bug zappers can be quite noisy and even startling every time a bug is zapped, the Hanns Insect Trap deals with mosquitoes quietly by sucking them into a cage out of which they can’t escape, and that they ultimately die in. They are also extremely simple to deploy, you just plug them in and turn them on. 

 With prolonged use, Hanns Insect Traps can get even mosquito infested areas under control. Hanns Insect Traps are available in Handyman, SnR, True Value, and other leading retailers. 

For more information, visit:,    

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Saturday Ice Cream Party with Baskin’ Robbins BHS

Nothing in this Earth has the power of dusting all the worries away like a good pint of ice cream. 

Hear it from the girl whose constant yoyo dieting has wrecked havoc to her mental and emotional state. My only source of happiness is the weekly dose of ice cream, which represents both a cheat day staple and my only source of sugar after noshing on nothing but nuts and oats for one week. 

Imagine if that source of happiness is a nice pint of Baskin’ Robbins. 

Baskin’ Robbins doesn’t need an introduction. One of the world’s most beloved ice cream brand, Baskin Robbins continues to spread more happiness and sweet treats to Manila’s ice cream lovers with the opening of its 14th branch at B8, Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

“There’s been a lot of anticipation for the opening of this branch so we are looking forward to bringing our extensive flavor variety and fun factor to Bonifacio High Street,” shares Michael Dargani, president of IceDream,Inc., the exclusive licensee of Baskin Robbins in the Philippines. 

Baskin Robbbins was Founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts whose passion led to the creation of more than 1,300 ice cream flavors and a wide variety of delicious treats. 

To further sweeten the afternoon, Baskin Robbins prepared tons of activities for bloggers, guests and even BR loyalists who didn’t mind the long line snaking inside the newly-opened shop. For one day, ice cream aficionados were able to get their favorite Baskin Robbins flavor for just P31. There were also performances from the UP Dance Company, a meet and greet with the Baskin Robbins mascot, photo printing and face painting, among other fun activities. 

Sisters from Another Mother: The Filipino Rambler himself, Allan Bobis Gokongwei

Perhaps what made the day sweeter is the opportunity to pig out on ice cream with good friends. I had the pleasure of seeing again some of my good blogger and PR friends. The presence of The Filipino Rambler himself, my #sisterfromanothermother Allan Bobis Gokongwei made pigging out on the sumptuous ice cream (get the butter pecan fudge!) a lot more fun. 
Indulge in delicious ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins Bonifacio High Street and at the branch nearest you! 

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Solane: Fueling Filipino mealtime memories; launches “Dapat Lang” campaign

The best memories of my family usually involved copious amounts of food; either from a restaurant or from our homey, little kitchen usually filled to the brim with spices and other knick-knacks. My father, a simple man with simple taste like in life, has a way of showing us his love and devotion by cooking Us food – tons of it. A proud bicolano, he cooks a mean Laing the same way he churns out an amazing pot of Kare-kare

Like all Filipino families, we love to eat and we love to cook. This love is manifested by our late consumption of grocery supplies and the abuse usually heaped on our decades-old stove. And we’re not even on the subject of our family’s LPG-consumption. 

The LPG is probably one of the heaviest-used items in the kitchen. While there are a lot of LPG providers in the market today, how assured are you that your provider is giving you high-quality, safe, reliable, LPG product? 

Solane, the brand by leading LPG solutions company Isla LPG Corporation, answers to this requirement. 

True to its identity as the leading LPG brand in the country, Solane brings to core its commitment to nation building with the launch of its advocacy campaign that aims to remind consumers of the importance of family and positive family values. Dubbed the “Dapat Lang…” campaign, the program emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing, for the family, for others and society as a whole. The campaign also touches on the importance of bringing back traditional Filipino values which have somehow been misplaced in our technology, fast-paced, modern-setting. These values include the commitment to family, honesty, hard work, respect for others and integrity. 

ILC CEO Ruben Domingo

“As we prepare for the many changes happening in our environment, we at Isla LPG would like to remind everyone of the Filipino values that define us as a people and to put importance on the family, being a good neighbor and a valuable member of society,” said ILC-CEO Ruben Domingo.

Domingo adds, “Our new campaign reminds all of us – our consumers, employees and business partners – to do the right thing in everything we do, all the time, wherever we are, in order to truly bring out positive change in all of us.”

Part of the campaign is the launch of a new website, which outlines the various ways which Solane stakeholders can live out the new campaign principle in their everyday lives. The site also features a blog that will serve as a way for Isla LPG to communicate directly with its consumers, especially moms. The blog will feature quick and easy recipes and helpful and time-saving tips on cooking for the family, keeping a saw environment at work and home, and more. 

Introducing the new Solane website

For its part, Isla LPG lives out the Dapat Lang campaign by doing what it does best since the brand Solane was launched almost five years ago – to provide consumers with an LPG brand they can rely on. 

Isla LPG offers Solane Hatid-Bahay Service, an exclusive service provided to Solane LPG residential customers. ISLA LPG’s well-trained riders conduct a Weight Check in front of customers using calibrated portable weighing scales, assuring households of value for their money. The Solane Hatid-Bahay riders also perform the 7-Point Safety Check free of charge to help ensure the safety of consumers and their families. This includes checking the surroundings, o-ring, regulator, regulator and valve connection, hose, hose connection and flame quality. 

As someone whose life very well revolves around her family, this brings me peace of mind. It assures me that whenever my father cooks a hearthy lunch or dinner, he is using only the best and safest LPG brand in the country. 

Make Solane your trusted partner in preparing hearthy meals for your family. Call the Hatid Bahay Hotline at 887-5555 or 0918-887.5555.