Review: The New Alcatel Flash2 – A budding photographer’s dream phone 


Alcatel Flash 2 : Impressive specs made available in a consumer-friendly price

The advent of smart phones has changed the way people do photography. Before, those with the love of visual images had to contend with the use of professional cameras and even the basic point-and-shoot. 

Nowadays, smart phones has gone beyond the requisite text and call; they are now little wonder devices where you can search the web, write a blog (similar to what I am doing now), take great pictures, take care of your financial transactions and yes- place a call or send an SMS message. 

Of course, this comes with a steep price tag. However, Alcatel (among other brands) has given consumers a taste of the best smartphones features at a much affordable price point. The latest release from the brand, the Alcatel Flash 2, is a smart phone that will surely delight photography enthusiasts and young selfie addicts alike.   


One of the first things you’ll notice is the sleek packaging. Alcatel veers away from the typical rectangle box by offering a unique pull out box from an outer packaging rendered in white where the apple green box containing the device and its accessories easily slides out. 

  Aside from the phone, charger and connector, Alcatel also provided a leather case and a tempered glass screen protector as part of the package – making the Flash 2 a definite bang for your buck. 


I am not a tech writer so I will try to describe the Flash2 using simpler terms. Here are the positives: 

  •  Easy log in and log off through the power button located at the upper right side of the device 
  • An attractive hardware  – sleekly designed and with good finish. For a phone with a low price point, Alcatel Flash 2 definitely doesn’t look cheap! 
  • Vibrant colors on screen 
  • 13 megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash – nice, crisp color resolutions that makes every image stand out! 
  • Front facing 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. As expected with lifestyle bloggers, we tried the front facing camera with a series of “groufies” and is immediately wowed with the quality of the photos. 
  • Did I mention the sleek and high-quality packaging? 
  • Option for Dual sim 
  • 3,000mAh non-removable battery 


 I know it’s faux leather but I find the casing too simple and basic — maybe because I was comparing it to sleeker leather cases available on the outside.

Would I recommend the Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2? Definitely! It’s a good smart phone, with nice camera and really good specifications. The Flash2 is perfect for those who want their own smart phones without selling their kidneys to the black market. It’s not surprising therefore that the Flash2 continues to be a top seller at Lazada and in fact has sold out in 30 minutes upon announcement of the sale. 

Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 Specifications

5.0-Inch HD IPS Display (720 x 1280 Pixels, 294 ppi)

Android 5.1 Lollipop OS

MediaTek MT6753 Chipset

1.3GHz Octa Core 64-bit Cortex-A53 CPU

Mali-T720 MP2 GPU

2GB of RAM

13.0 Megapixel Autofocus Main Camera with Two-Tone LED Flash

5.0 Megapixel Front Camera with LED Flash

16GB Internal Storage

Expandable Up to 128GB via MicroSD

Dual SIM (Regular + Regular)

4G LTE, 3G HSPA+, 2G EDGE and GPRS Networks

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot

Bluetooth 4.0

GPS with A-GPS

FM Radio with RDS


MicroUSB 2.0

3.5mm Audio Jack



Proximity Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

3,000mAh non-removable Li-ion Battery 

Foodies Rejoice: Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot Cubao, QC’s newest foodie hotspot, is now open


(Press Release) 

Good news is in store for Quezon City denizens — the newest foodie hotspot in town has opened its second branch at Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center. 

From the creators of Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU by Vikings comes Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot, a restaurant that provides a customizable, fresh and healthy dining experience. This new resto is perfect for celebrating special occasions, or for when you simply want to enjoy a top-notch meal.

Kick back and take in the ambiance as you enjoy one of the Philippines’ best buffets. Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot has several impressive stations, and patrons can take their pick of their meat, seafood, vegetables, appetizers, desserts, Japanese and bar options. Indulge your imagination and make the dish of your dreams with their wide selection of broths, noodles, meat, toppings and sauces. The Cubao branch also offers a pasta station and a carving station.

For P688 for weekday lunches and P888 for weekday dinners, weekends and holidays, diners can choose from chicken, pork, fish, vegetable and crowd favorite sinigang as a soup base. Combined with their selection of noodles, decorate your soup with fresh or frozen dumplings, specialty balls, your favorite protein and choice of vegetables. Select from Sate, Szechuan, Tomato and Chinese Herbs. Amp up the flavor with the many dipping sauces available. Cook it in your personal hotpot, and experience being a chef for a day!

With so many components and combinations, the possibilities are truly endless.
Cubao’s dining scene just got a whole lot better with Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot! Visit them at the G/F, Manhattan Parkview, General Roxas Avenue, Araneta Center, Quezon City. Open every day for lunch from 11AM to 2:30PM, and for dinner from 5:30PM to 10PM. 

Learn more about hotpot dining here, or visit for more details. 
Disclosure: This is not a paid post, however material is a pitched article to KamikazeeGirl. We do not claim ownership to any of the facts stated in this post. 



Losing Sayuri


Sayuri (2009-2015)

How do you even grieve when you lose a pet you love so much?  Is it even normal to feel your heart break into a hundred tiny pieces and know that somehow, a piece will always be missing no matter how many years have gone by.

Until now, I am still coming to terms that Sayuri, the domestic fur ball I picked off the streets, is gone. 

To some, they will say “pusa Lang naman yan… Andaming pusa sa Kalye…”  But for my husband and I, Sayuri is more than a pet. 
I took Sayuri off the streets when Mike and I were barely a month married. I was doing the laundry while Mike went out to buy out afternoon snack. Just as I was hanging some of the clothes to dry outside, I saw a tiny black ball of fur being pawed by a huge dog. In spite being tiny, the kitten was staging one hell of a fight. I shooed the dog away, picked up the pissed off kitten and brought it inside. When Mike came back, he saw a tiny black head peering from the box of his basketball shoes. 


sleep tight, princess
Sayuri was there when the hubs and I were still struggling. She stood by us as we count our remaining savings and tightened our belts just to get by. Whenever her “kuya” and “ate” (we tell Sayuri we’re her ate and kuya) fight, she would hide behind the bed only to come out and make cute to whoever is more upset. When Mike and I went through a lot last year, she patiently stood by me and slept by my side, pawing me to sleep even in the midst of the darkest cloud in the sky. 

When life started becoming better for Mike and myself, and we started enjoying the fruits of our hard work – Sayuri was there, of course, to revel into being the spoiled little cat.  


Sayuri knew how to tug at our heart strings and used it to her advantage. She enjoyed having the best cat toys and even her own blankie, straight from my mom-in-law who lives in the UK. She preferred eating cat food and would snub the human food we offer except if it’s cheese flavored or soft veggies. That cat was obsessed with cheese and would battle it out with me whenever she had the chance. We always say that our cat ate better than us and we are happy to have given her so much privilege during her six years on earth. 


Our gang of three

Since Mike and I is still waiting for our little one, many would tell us that Sayuri was our “baby.” To a point, yes. But we’d like to think that we were a cohesive gang of three – composed of two crazy humans and a crazier diva cat. She was the constant subject of my endless less kwento and I never hesitated to always consider her welfare in everything we do: whether it be traveling or even choosing a new place to live. She was, to put it bluntly, the center of our little unit. 

Her death came to us sudden and very swift. She has been lethargic and not eating for days but responded warmly to our hand feeding of milk and baby food. We were observing her and was able to breathe a momentary sight of relief when she started eating again and has even taken into stealing my father’s “pulutan.” She started to roam the house again until Thursday evening when she stopped walking and eating. She soiled the bed and can’t hardly stand by Friday evening. Panicking, we brought her first thing Saturday morning to the vet, but by then it was too late. The diagnosis was that she had been battling kidney failure and that her lover had deteriorated already. Her organs were also already affected and the vet had been brutally kind to let us know that at that stage, she was too far gone, was just a matter of time and best to make her comfortable. She passed away at 3:15 in the afternoon. 

We didn’t see her breathe her last but was given the chance by the vet’s assistance to privately said our goodbyes. Mike massaged her face and closed her eyes (which was partially open, like it normally would when she was sleeping) and I was able to kiss her one last time. I told her that I was sorry for not beating the disease for her and that I will miss the times she would sit on my chest while I sleep. Or the times when I woke up in the middle of the night to see her face as she slept beside me. After properly saying our goodbyes, we  gave her back to the vet. We chose to have her buried within the vet’s private burial area inside the compound where she’ll be with the other pets who passed away before her.   

While I am too emotionally exhausted, by evening I managed to convince myself that Sayuri is now in a better place and is now free from the many diseases that ravaged her body. I only wish I knew sooner. Her last visit to the vet earlier this year did not yield anything. In stead of entertaining the many “what ifs” still plaguing my mind, I chose to just be glad that Mike and I were blessed to have six years with an extraordinary cat like Sayuri. 

They say that having a pet is a commitment and I agree. When you choose a cat or a dog, you have to realize that it will go beyond their baby years when they are still cute balls of fur. Our pets are heavily depended on us for their needs and by taking them in, that is already akin to signing a contract that you will care for them-both in sickness and in health. 

When we took in Sayuri, she also taught us about the responsibilities of having and owning a pet. She taught us unconditional love (and that being notoriously cute and wily will get you things – but that’s another story 😺) and that a pet’s love is priceless. 

Good night my Princess Sayuri. Play now and run free. 


Protect your phone with Spigen

Owning a phone nowadays is akin to being in a committed relationship.
I remember my first ever phone, bought when I was still fresh out of college. It was a Nokia 3210, the legendary phone whose sturdiness has become a stuff of legends. The most that I can do to “personalize” the phone is to buy it screen wallpapers (usually tiny clear films printed with various images) or replace the key pad with a multi-colored one.

Now a decade later, owning a Smart Phone means being able to protect it from scratches, accidental falls and the usual wear and tear that became more pronounced as your phone gets more usage.

I currently own an iPhone 6+ -more than just a device to receive and make calls of text messages, my phone has become a virtual personal assistant. This is where I log all my meetings and event scheduled, write some of my posts, check on social media, take tons of photos during events coverage and even track my health using the available apps. It’s only fair that I take the necessary steps to care for it.

Get your Spigen Glas.t’r Slim screen protector and Perfect Fit Crystal Clear Capsule case

My phone is currently protected with Spigen Slim Screen Protector, combined with the Spigen Perfect Fit Crystal Clear Capsule for the body.
Spigen is known for producing innovative and sleek cases and accessories for smart phones and cars. In fact, it was also cited by Cult of Mac in one of its articles for always producing cases that “preserves the beauty of the iPhone.”

Aside from that, the Spigen doesn’t trap dusts or discolor and even provides my phone with a snug fit. The clear jelly case also comes with protective covering for the Volume up/down buttons and for the Power On/Off  button.

The Glas.tR screen protector comes in a nifty packaging inclusive of the 0.4mm tempered glass, a wet cloth (used to clean the iPhone screen prior to application) and a Squeegee to chase away all the annoying air bubbles.

Application is easy and the tempered glass fits perfectly on the phone screen.

In fact, I am currently writing this post using my iPhone. The tempered glass was crystal clear and made the colors from the screen pop even more.  The thickness of the glass does not in any way hamper the touch screen capability of the phone. Rounded edges looked nice and clean though, it can be a while before all the little bubbles disappear.


The Crystal Clear Capsule case presents a snug fit for the phone. It’s not too chunky which is often the case with other phone cases. It also gives me a firm grip on the phone which is a big plus-considering I have this child-like hands that often gets overwhelmed by the size of the iPhone 6+

Since I am the Queen of Clumsy, I am now confident that my phone is always protected from spills and from scratches. Some people might say that it’s just a phone but in my mind, we have to take care of the things we invest with our hard-earned money. Phones are usually disposable — meaning, they get upgraded as soon as the new model hits the shelves. But in my case, I hope to use it for as long as I can and hold off upgrading until the launch of the iPhone 7.
The Spigen is available and is currently on sale at Lazada, the country’s number one online mall.

If you want to take a look at Spigen’s line of sleek and effective phone accessories, please check this link.

 Disclosure: This is not a paid post. The Spigen Glas.tR tempered glass screen protector and the Spigen curved case are gifts from Lazada. The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own. KamikazeeGirl strives to always tell the truth in all my posts and to be forthright in all product reviews. 

Sing your heart out with the new “top of the line” Major H-10 from Platinum Karaoke

The Philippines is a country that loves to sing. In every occasion, in every home — no matter where you maybe — as long as one of the households belong to a Filipino family, you can bet your money that somewhere in the living room you will find the man of the house belting “Delilah” by Tom Jones or the woman of the house singing her heart out to “Top of the World” by the Carpenters.

In our home, singing in the videoke is a rite of passage and a badge that you belong. I am part of a clan who loves their spirits the same way they love their music. My memories of being coaxed to perform, while thrust in front of almost the whole clan (mostly at varying levels of drunkenness) hark back to pre-high school years. While most of the women in the family (my sister, foremost) possessed an enviable singing voice, mine stopped to just sounding possessed.

No matter where we are, the videoke is a symbol of every fun gathering. Somehow, in spite the delicious food, a gathering or a celebration won’t be complete without someone belting his heart out on the videoke.

Pltinum Karaoke (MAJOR HD10)

(from the press release)

Just in time for the upcoming holidays, Platinum Karaoke launched its latest and most high-end model recently via a fun Videoke night with selected bloggers and online influencers. The event also heralds the launch of Platinum Karaoke’s Shop in Shop at Lazada online ( Platinum has partnered with Lazada to make their array of products accessible to the online community.

Aside from the Major H-10, the Shop in Shop within the Lazada platform also offers Platinum’s other legacy line of videoke machines as well as accessories. 

Platinum Karaoke, makers of high quality and high definition karaoke machines and accessories that is perfect for every home, is an amazing brand that is sure to bring about fun and enjoyment, offering thousands of songs, high-definition video and images, very affordable and up-to-date upgrade, and excellent sound quality.

The new Platinum Karaoke model, MAJOR HD-10, is not just a karaoke system but a full entertainment package in itself. MAJOR HD-10 is equipped with high-end specifications which include dual core processor, DDR3 Technology, over 30,000 international songs, 1 TB Hard Disk Drive storage that makes it a reliable and very powerful karaoke player. MAJOR HD-10 prides itself with innovative multimedia functions that enable the user to play, store, edit and copy any media files in the karaoke player acting as a media player and console at the same time. This means that the user can save any media file into the karaoke system from movies, series, music videos and a whole lot more. Play any media file while in full karaoke mode!

Platinum Karaoke has its own advanced recording studio to program all songs as close to the original. Every high-end and mid-level unit is programmed with live-recorded background vocals and Training Songs with the Auto Main Vocal Technology.  The Training Song is an automatic function wherein pre-recorded vocals are played to guide the user on the right vocals and tone to hit as the song plays.

Platinum Karaoke is all about fun and happiness. As Platinum Karaoke aims to provide millions of Filipinos locally and all over the world high definition music and entertainment, the brand has chosen Vice Ganda, being a versatile and total performer with comedic nature and a trendy recording artist. Vice Ganda indeed well-represents the unique features and benefits of Platinum Karaoke – high definition at ‘Bonggang’ sound. Truly, Platinum Karaoke is the only choice for both Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto. With thousands of songs more than what its competitors provide in the market, you get to “Birit Pa More” with their new product, and two amazing and inspiring performers.

Platinum Karaoke is available in all leading music stores nationwide ( & through their online partner LAZADA Philippines ( For more information, please visit

During the launch of  the latest karaoke line in  the market, bloggers were given the opportunity to test and experience one of Platinum Karaoke’s valuable machines. It wad a nice product and had the distinction of making my singing voice more tolerable that it already is.

I am actually looking forward to an upcoming fund which will allow me to purchase a unit of Platinum Karaoke. My dad wanted one for the longest time and upcoming Christmas actually sounds like a good venue to give him something he really loves and deserves.

The Platinum Videoke retails at PHP24,999 and can be bought worry and hassle-free through Lazada Philippines (links indicated above).

Say goodbye to Grey with Grey Away

All the ladies in my father’s side of the family have one thing in common: premature greying of the hair. While we are all blessed with thick, luscious hair at the start – you can bet that at a certain age, the Greys will start to show until it becomes an obvious distraction and inconvenience.

Mine started when I was 23 and more than ten years after, I have to resort to coloring my hair various shades of the rainbow just to cover the grey. That is until I got sick of it and decided to just stop coloring and let it grey out. The plan was to maintain my hair’s health for the meantime, considering all the bleaching and coloring I did in the last six years. I am planning to have it colored jet black by end of the year to address the thick patch of grey on my right temple. 

Now, I am happy to share that there’s now a product which aims to help bring the black  for those like us with premature greying hair: 

 (From the press release) 

Look young and say goodbye to Grey hair! 

A breakthrough product that will bring back the natural color of your crowning glory! Grey Away is for people with visible grey hair that brings back the natural color of hair strands and prevents it from turning grey without the risk of the harmful effects of colorants. 

Available for only Php 995.00, Grey Away is available in all leading drugstores, selected supermarkets, and department stores nationwide. 

For more information like Grey Away’s official facebook page: Grey Away or follow @greyaway on Instagram.

I have yet to try it but I am looking forward to seeing if it will work. Maintaining hair with premature aging is not easy, time-consuming and most especially, expensive. Who knows, Grey Away might be the solution to my “grey” problem. 

Straits Wine brings Wine Fiesta Manila 2015


Granted that the Philippines is a nation of beer drinkers – a typical Pinoy salosalo won’t be complete without the requisite San Mig.
That is why more props should be given to Straits Wine, a ten year old wine distribution company, who has been staging the country’s premiere wine festival now on its fifth year. 

Dubbed “Wine Fiesta Manila 2015” the festival brings together 15 wine masters, 21 wine companies with labels exclusive to Straits Wine and about a hundred labels and flavored in one roof. This wine extravaganza is happening on the 27th of October at the Axon@GreenSun. 

KamikazeeGirl had the pleasure of meeting Straits Wine Company’s managing director Julian Gagliardi, as well as its marketing and admin head Marion Ablaza during the recent launch of Wine Fiesta — and they’ve appraised us on their passion to bring wine closer to the Filipino public: 

AIX Rosé 2014 Coteaux d’Aix en Provence paired with a nice selection of appetizers

 “Wine Fiesta is a celebration for sharing wine and food with an audience that is as equally passionate for wines. The idea behind the event is to make wines affordable and accessible to everyone,” says Julian Gagliardi, General Manager of Straits Wine Philippines.  

Gagliardi believes that Filipinos are ready to appreciate wine and aims to scrub the notion that wines are intended only for the elite. He shared that in Europe, wine is as common as water. Something that is immediately and inherently paired to food during meals. 

 Also worth nothing are the health benefits of wine, when taken in moderation

“According to “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010″4, published by the US Department of Agriculture, “If alcohol is consumed, it should be consumed in moderation – up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men”.

The National Health Service5, UK, writes “Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day. Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day.” One unit equals 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol. A 250ml (large) glass of 12% red wine has about 3 units of alcohol. A 175ml (medium) glass has about two units. (Source)

a small sampling of wine selections

Tickets to the Wine Fiesta go for only PHP1,000 and provides access to a wide selection of wines from 5PM to 10PM. You can also attend master classes and talks conducted by wine masters during that time. Meanwhile, for only PHP2,800 — you can experience a unique Wine Dinner showcasing pairings of food and wine. 

For more info, call Marion at (0915) 631-5380 call Marion at (0915) 631-5380 or go to